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Compare ready samples with your papers and improve them

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Many students who are going to apply for an MBA degree are commonly required to createpersonal statement by the college or university they dream to enter.

A personal statementis a type of academic paper where people need to express their motivation in participating in the educational course of the college you have chosen.

Applicants are required to tell a unique story about the key messages you got from your life that will strengthen your intention and wish to get an MBA degree. Choose the right priority and be authentic to impress the admissions committee and receive an offer to study. Write from 250 to 650 words, mention your academic achievements, and discuss the purpose of applying and why it is crucial to study at your chosen institute.

Statement of purpose for MBA (SOP)

MBA is a course created to increase the qualification of management administration of students who are going to join the management sphere.

A statement of purpose for MBA (or SOP) – is a type of personal statement, however, it differs a bit. If in a personal statement they need to generally tell facts about themselves that will tell more about their motivation while writing a SOP for MBA, you have to ensure those who will decide their faith, what is their point in studying, show the interest and explain how the MBA degree will help applicants in the future.

Remember that SOP for MBA has to contain your professional aims concerned with your work field directly. It is a longterm playthe more persuasive you will sound, the more likely you will get an invitation. At the same time, stay formal to keep up the appearance of a responsible person.

MBA statement of purpose examples

It may be hard if you have never written a personal statement for MBA application. That is why we provided SOP samples as templates for you below to look up when you start preparing for writing. You can also search the Internet for more SOP examples and gain more inspiration. For now, lets figure out the strong points of provided SOP.

MBA personal statement example 1MBA personal statement example 2

This personal statement is written in a storytelling style, at the same time it has a smooth introduction and an accurate conclusion. During the whole text, the writer stayed focused on their educational ambitions and achievements. Also, they did not put here big promises but included more trustful facts. This SOP is written in vivid and light language, so it stands out from other letters, similar to cliché.

MBA personal statement Format & Tips

How to write a personal statement for MBA? Well, you need to follow a certain format and know tips that will help you not to fail your SOP:

  1. Be literate. You better doublecheck your personal statement before sending it. It must not include grammar mistakes and typos.
  2. Stay focused on your aims and professional achievements. Provide strong arguments why exactly you have to apply for the MBA program.
  3. Do not lie in your SOP. Indeed, you have to sound persuasive, however, do not promise them things you will not be able to do.
  4. Structure your text with the intro, body part, and conclusion. You have to wake their interest up and make them remain focused during the whole text.

And thats it. To sum up, SOP for MBA is not a monster for you anymore. Good luck with entering the university of your dream!