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Finance Essay

I did my undergraduate in finance essay from Prince Sultan University. I had known for quite some time I will by studying finance in college because many in my family have been associated with the banking sector for years and they advised me it is one of the best times to pursue a financial career. My first job was at Amlak International while I was still completing my education but upon graduating from Prince Sultan University, I joined Arab National Bank’s corporate banking group where I continue to be employed.

My choice to pursue financial career might have been influenced by family members but my experiences at Arab National Bank have helped me better understand the field and develop a newfound interest in it. I do not only deal with internal stakeholders but also interact with some of the company’s major clients including expatriates working for multinational companies in Saudi Arabia because in addition to Arabic, I am also fluent in English owing to high school experiences in Canada.

Investment Essay

It was my interaction with expatriates that first made me realized that emerging markets including those in the Middle East such as Saudi Arabia will see tremendous growth in the financial sector, following the lead of Dubai and Qatar. This also inspired me to read more financial publications and industry literature and I soon realized investment banking is an ideal fit to my skills and strengths as well as career ambitions.

It was an easy decision to choose UK to pursue my Masters in Finance and Investment essay because besides New York, London is one of the most developed financial center in the world. Studying in the UK will not only expose me to quality graduate education but will also enable me to interact with smart fellow students from a diverse range of professional backgrounds. In addition, the university also has a strong professional network that includes both global organizations as well as industry leaders from different fields. My decision was also inspired by the fact that graduate curriculum takes a balanced approach to in-class learning and real world experience.

After completing my Masters, I plan to stay and work in the UK for few years to gain experience and enhance my global perspectives, thus, my Masters education will not only provide me with strong theoretical foundation but will also prepare me for global career in the finance field. In addition to UK, I also hope to gain work experiences in other countries before returning to Saudi Arabia because today one cannot realize his true career potential unless one has exposed himself to a variety of experiences whether professional or cultural.

Masters in the UK also appeal to me because students do not come from diverse professional backgrounds only but also diverse cultural backgrounds. In this regard, I will also be a valuable addition to the program because I have been extensively exposed to both eastern and western cultures and understand the fundamental differences between them. Thus, my unique background and experiences will enhance overall learning of my fellow students.

I believe Saudi Arab’s future will be shaped not by the country’s vast energy sources but how effectively it develops different industries, on the pattern of Dubai and I want to play a major role in helping Saudi Arab a major player on the global economic arena and not just remain a major energy producer.