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Personal statement Essay

My far-reaching interest in economics dates back to my childhood, when I wondered how money, which was supposed to buy, would be traded. I love business, and I am particularly interested in finding out about the interesting market dynamics. My aim is to understand financial economics fully, which is possible because I have been able to excel in my class work by my hard work. Since I started my AS-level, I have always excelled in mathematics, which I knew I would need to continue studying economics. I do read history such as the Great Depression to acquaint myself with what has happened in the past. I also read economic publications to keep myself to date with new upcoming in this field of economics; I read the Economist.

My business orientation and mathematical ability is completed by my team player ability and communication skills. My expression skills enable me to develop arguments on the many financial market theories, some of which seem to be antagonistic. Financial economics probability theory lets me apply my mathematical ability, especially in econometrics. I love analyzing neoclassical economics failures and their inability to satisfy the real life problems. In addition, I get baffled by analysis which shows that money markets are set in a way that every player gains and I wonder how Stealth Forex Analysis Tool lets all money market players optimize profits. Economics is a vast topic and covers almost everything that surrounds us, from public finance to development. I really want to learn how economics can be applied to steer up growth in poor countries. All these are what attract me to continue studying economics to even higher levels.

When I read economic publications, I am amused about how businesses start, grow, and finally define their market niche. These observations have made me regularly read of business publications. Since I was young, I have always enjoyed responsibilities and I always loved to lead. I have also worked in different business settings and this gave me a chance to apply my skills in real life. I have also met many different people, and my associations with them made me understand the value of hard work. While in university, I will be working part-time to ensure I am applying theory to practice.

I am an all-round person in both class and leadership. I am a 12th grade representative in the student council. This is after I won an election. This position is giving me a great chance to exercise my leadership and communication skills, which I consider a great asset in my futures undertaking and involvements. The victory in my election demonstrates my superb communication plans and target identification, and my real passion to lead. While in this position, I have always interacted with my subjects and my lines of communication have always been open.

My interest in sports is rich one; I love watching football and I pray tennis, and I have always made my school shine in sports. I still wish to learn and participate in other types of sports. The journey to choosing economics as my career has been a lifetime involvement and all my comparisons led to taking economics as a choice. I believe that all my life involvements and level of knowledge offers me an advantage to take up all the challenges in economics courses.

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