Annotated bibliography introduction example

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An annotated bibliography is a type of academic paper where you provide a roster of sources that were included in your research to write a certain document. The adjective “annotated” points to the fact that the quote which acts as a source of your research brings with it a short interpretation – annotation, in this case.

An annotated bibliography requires a certain way of how to write an introduction. Writing an introduction here is necessary because it shows what and why particularly you decided to put in your bibliography. It doesn’t have to be too long – usually, you summarize your thoughts in 150 words.

Also, you can tell the readers about the process of deciding what to put there – maybe there were some limitations, or maybe you noticed one thing that made you refer to another. Here you can show some logical decisions that will help the readers understand the way you think.

Example of annotated bibliography introduction

An introduction, mostly in all types of papers, appears as a short paragraph with general information. A bibliography annotation paragraph is also a part of your paper where you write about what was the purpose of using certain sources and what did you reach according to using them, but never the list of sources, as it is the main aim of your paperwork. Read this introduction for annotated bibliography example below and think about what is included here to make the introduction a bit more tasty than just a dry list of definitions.

Annotated bibliography introduction example 1

Always keep in your head if the actuality of the sources you want to include in your bibliography is relevant. Even if you found “supposedly related information” you can refer to, you would better not put odd insights that may contradict each other.

Furthermore, you need to understand that “British scientists discovered…” is a way not a suitable source for your annotated bibliography. Instead, use official and trustworthy ones so that your reader can always check them.

Annotated bibliography introduction example APA

You may be required to write a bibliography in a particular style, so if this style is APA, there are some aspects that you need to include in your annotated bibliography. Number your pages in the corner of each, place the title in the center and make it bold, keep the alphabetical order while counting references. There are also some technical requirements, such as double-spacing and a half of one-inch indent. If possible, put the link of the source first unless you referred to a typed book.

Annotated bibliography introduction example 2

We highly recommend looking through a sample of each academic paper if you are not sure about how to write it properly. Sometimes you can not notice such necessities as APA or MLA style of writing and lose points on such silly mistakes. Moreover, it would be helpful for you in case you decide to talk to your professor when you are struggling with the lack of information at the beginning of your writing – they will direct you to necessary sources or basically answer your questions by themselves.

How to write an annotated bibliography introduction

Writing an annotated bibliography requires long-term preparation. Firstly, you need to do research and read a lot of literature to find related citations. Then proofread and edit your mistakes. And what if you didn’t notice the requirement that says that you have to follow an APA or MLA style? Imagine how long it will take besides writing a primary paper!

An annotated bibliography is close to an instruction of what your readers shall look through so that they understand why wrote what you wrote in your paper. However, you can order an annotated bibliography with introduction and conclusion example from different writing services that are specialized in completing students’ tasks independent of the complexity and deadlines.

An annotated bibliography is not the most interesting task to complete. So why don’t you leave it to specialists?