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My interest in the Psychology specialization option arises because quality mental health is required for better health of individuals. In my experience of studying, I have developed a lot of interest in cognitive and affective neuroscience. I understand that different neurodegenerative diseases affect people, thus compromising their mental health. Consequently, I have developed a lot of interest in acquiring knowledge about the development and formation of memory together with different cognitive processes in it. For one to be psychologically unstable, they encounter challenges like anxiety, depression, and addiction. I developed all those interests in psychology when I started attending lectures at the Department of Psychology at Florida State University. 

A true breakthrough occurred when I acquired a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a GPA of 4.0 at Florida State University. Consequently, I explored different coursework like psychology, research methods, and physiology psychology. Consequently, at Tallahassee Community College, I attained an Associate of Arts in Psychology with a GPA of 4.0. The acquisition of those certificates enabled me to find some answers concerning different challenges people face for them to develop psychological disorders. Thus, it is essential to formulate ways that can be used to improve their status and enhance their mental well-being. In fact, the experience I gained from learning psychology in those two institutions is one of the reasons I am seeking admission to the master’s program in psychology so that I can explore and acquire quality knowledge to offer the best service to people.

In the working experience, I have been working as a senior tutor at ACE Tutoring Center, where I tutor students one-on-one for psychology and biology courses and also assist in group tutoring sessions and review sessions for students. Consequently, I am working as a research assistant at the Risk for Depression and Anxiety Laboratory. In this laboratory, I do assist in administering TMS, fMRI, and EEG studies and also manage to receive epilepsy training. In those two areas that I am currently working at, I have learned a lot of skills in psychology, like assessing depression, which I would like to advance in during graduate studies. In the past, I have worked as a research assistant at Cognitive Affective and Neuroscience Research Lab and as an undergraduate teaching assistant for Physiology of Psychology. I have also been involved in Neuroscience Undergraduate Student Association at Florida State University. I managed to organize neuroscience-related events for members. Thus, I would like to learn more and collaborate with different experts in this field to explore my interest in psychology.

When I get an opportunity to pursue graduate studies in this field, I would like to do a lot of research on how psychiatric and neurodegenerative diseases compromise the brain’s quality of function. Moreover, I would like to execute extensive research in the psychological field by analyzing the comparative studies that have normal adults and those that have been affected by Alzheimer’s disease. It will enable me to understand different factors that lead to the development of tangles and plaques. I also find it essential to execute comparative analysis on participants with people that have normal brain function and are not at risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Besides, I am aligned toward a scholarship focused on Fragile X Syndrome and Autism. That will allow me to learn more about measurement techniques like functional neuroimaging, infrared eye tracking, and event-related potentials. The acquisition of fMRI certification will enable me to learn additional techniques to execute robust research agenda. Ultimately, I would like to acquire more knowledge in different areas to develop diverse perspectives about psychology and be involved in interdisciplinary research.