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Compare ready samples with your papers and improve them

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As a student, your teachers may ask you to write an article critique. But what is an article critique? It is a qualitative writing assignment where you evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of an article. Unlike a summary, you critically analyze the article’s structure, investigate its arguments, and construct a professional point-by-point examination.

You test the validity of the author and determine whether they wrote an effective paper. The premise of a critique is to give the author feedback on the logic of their assessment and how productive it is in supporting their field of research. In summary, you recap the article’s purpose and do not study the author’s wording or sources. 

How to Write an Article Critique

Before learning how to start an article critique, students need to be able to think critically and read an article thoroughly. This way, they will capture the main ideas and observe the author’s tone and wording. Then, students must reread the composition a few times to comprehend it more deeply. Here are some questions students should ask to help them construct their critique:

  • Is the author a valid expert in the field?
  • Has the author successfully used logical arguments to write their article?
  • Are there any fallacies in the author’s writing?
  • Does the author exhibit an impartial perspective?
  • Is the report valid and relevant to the present time?

Article Critique Template

An article critique follows a specific style composed of four parts:

  1. Introduction – introduce the authors and their article. Briefly describe the author’s intent in writing the report, and then write a thesis statement that unveils your critical thoughts on the author’s writing.
  2. Summary – recapitulate everything the author wrote. Capture the article’s main ideas, and present the author’s principal arguments alongside cited evidence they used to prove their assertion logically.
  3. Critique – this is the heart of the assignment. Establish your educated opinion on whether the author did an excellent or poor job conveying their point and describe those strengths and weaknesses in detail.
  4. Conclusion – synopsize your critique’s key points and the article’s key points. Close with your suggestions for future research.

Sample Article Critique Example

It is important to examine an article critique sample to understand the rudiments of writing one. So search for examples of article critiques, review them with a critical eye, and then try to create an article critique yourself. These examples serve as guidelines you can follow, but do not copy or paste any exact phrases because that is cheating and dishonesty. 

When scrutinizing a sample from a chosen topic, do your best to apprehend the critique’s structure, voice, and tone. Then, study it to apply your newly found knowledge to your assignment. Furthermore, review the logical aspects and make sure you understand logical fallacies before you advance to analyze an author’s rational assessments and reasonings.


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