Article Critique Samples

Critical thinking and analytical skills are the focus of any serious studies. Once you get to the senior classes and choose your major, you will be doing a lot of critical thinking and writing. Article critique is one of such academic tasks, which are often required at high school senior classes and graduate-level college courses. has developed this page to support students in training their critical thinking and writing skills. Here, there are many article critique samples and critical thinking guides and tutorials, all available for review and download. There is hardly anything more empowering in one’s studies than a rich source of knowledge and information on a given topic. The current page will give you just that empowerment and motivation.

Article Critique Example

As a student, your teachers may ask you to write an article critique. But what is an article critique? It is a qualitative writing assignment where you evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of an article. Unlike a summary, you critically analyze the...