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Nowadays, writing tasks concern not only classic college subjects such as science, biology, and history but digital innovations too. Today’s topic is an audience analysis essay. To begin with, let’s define what audience analysis is.

Audience analysis is several characteristics that belong to a specific target audience. For example, if you produce hardware for agricultural equipment, your target audience may consist of farmers and agricultural entrepreneurs. Now, who are those people? The answer to this question is an analysis of your target audience.

Sometimes you are required to describe your target audience in an essay which is quite helpful because of a couple of aspects. Firstly, it is always more pleasant to consume information while it is structured. Secondly, you train yourself to spell out and reproduce the information in such a way that you will get skilled in communication with your professors, bosses, and CEOs in the future – no more fears of the question: “So what is the target audience of…?”

Let’s find out what are the features of the audience analysis essay and look through an example of a well-written one!

Audience analysis essay

If you want to create an audience analysis paper, first things first, you need to collect the necessary knowledge of what is required to be included in your essay:

  • Demographic analysis. This section of your essay explains some demographic characteristics of your target audience: their home place, gender, age, race, culture, native or main language, religion, average salary, profession, etc.
  • Psychological analysis. This part tells readers about their hobbies and interests. Also, here you need to find out how they specifically are concerned with your product – what they already do or do not know, how your product will or will not help them to ease up, and what their problems and values are.
  • Contextual analysis. This sector is about some circumstantial aspects of your future advertisement according to the needs of your TA. You have to include relevant aspects of what the members of your TA have been experiencing, for instance, for the last week. Are there any economic or political events happening? What is the general condition of those people? At least, what time of the day will you communicate with them?

There are three main aspects that you need to include in your AA essay to make it full and consistent.

Audience analysis sample

Have the piece of audience analysis paper example to figure out how to structure your audience research into semantic groups – paragraphs.

By the way, remember that you are still writing an essay. It means that you have to write an introduction, main part, and conclusion. Obviously, your body part will be the longest piece of your essay. To make it readable, please divide the body part into logical paragraphs. It is better if you separate every single aspect from each other – age and gender for one paragraph, hobbies, and values – for another one.

During your essay, you have to provide your readers with the necessary information only. Please do significant research and pick the relevant information. Otherwise, your audience analysis essay will be boring and useless. Read more audience analysis essay examples to understand how to structure and provide the information.

How to write an audience analysis

You have different options on how to write an audience analysis paper.

First way: you read a lot of materials, try many times to create a draft of your AA essay, proofread and edit each of them, and just after that pass the final result to your professor or boss.

Second way: pass this task to a writing company that will do research, write, edit, and proofread your paper instead of you!

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