Effectiveness of Psychotherapy Essay

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Example: Effectiveness of Psychotherapy Essay

Ailments and diseases often have specific points of being handled carefully through therapy. However, in recent reports, it is not simply physical ailment or disease that most often than not kill several hundreds of individuals every year. The sad truth is, mental and emotional distress slowly ranges at a high rate of killing human individuals as well. Not knowing how to deal with the situation or even likely believing that such ailment occurs, people who suffer from either emotional or mental ailment often find themselves lost not understanding how to deal with the matter accordingly. The consumer reports of 1995 entitled Does Therapy Help stipulates the different issues relating to the emergence of mental and emotional ailments. These elements serve as a valuable presentation on how the situations on the current state of human living do create an impact on the thinking and feeling process of human individuals. Among all, the article concentrates on proving the psychological therapy indeed helps in the process of providing ease to the mind and the emotions of a person who is suffering from deep mental and emotional disturbances. Psychotherapy is presented in this article as a vital source of help for those needing assistance related to the said issue. Psychotherapy is basically the process of realigning the thinking process of an individual thus affecting how the person deals with the pressures of life that could directly relate to his capacity to survive even the hardest challenges that life presents. Relatively, it could be understood that there are some programs of psychotherapy that are partnered with relative medication like that of Prozac. The psychotherapy helps in creating a much more viable environment for the patient which would exist in their minds. Such an environment would allow them to see things differently [likely in a more positive manner]. There are however specific programs of psychotherapies that work with specific mental and emotional imbalances. Based from the research handled in the study, it was proven that psychotherapy works. Most likely, it could be analyzed that with a deeper understanding on what the patient undergoes, the problems causing depression and distress could be addressed accordingly. On the other hand, another publication from the consumer reports study under Martin Seligman’s authorship provides a distinct presentation on how much effective psychotherapy is. To prove such claim, Seligman undergoes a study involving several participants who are presented to undergo a particular psychotherapy program that is designed to specifically address their needs. As a result to the process, those who have regularly attended psychotherapy sessions that were scheduled for them to consider were seen to have dramatically improved within a specific span of time. Relatively, those who attended the therapy notably reduced their rates of being overtly affected by the situations occurring around them; they have learned how to deal with situations and work around difficulties at a fair rate thus giving them the chance to reduce points of distress.

Relatively, the studies reveal important information that could help sufferers from mental and emotional distress to find the proper way of dealing with issues and situations that directly affect them. They are given the chance to work around the situations and make reflective adjustments that could best help them in becoming productive and positive amidst all the pressures that they get from the people around them. Depressive disorders could be resolved accordingly. The idea behind the ‘mind being the light of the body’ is a no nonsense indication on how the mind could actually provide a great foundation for a person’s physical health. Relatively, giving attention to what is in the mind, how it works and how it perceives matters would directly create an impact on how the body responds to abstract pressures that it receives daily. True to its sense, this particular research and presentation of data is indeed timely especially that people at present get involved with too much pressure from all sorts of relationship that they get involved with. For instance, one of which includes family relationships, others may involve work issues. All these connections increase the possibility of people developing points of depression that affects their mental and emotional capacity to deal with matters in a more positive approach. Seeing things in a much positive ways eases out the pressure. This however could only be achieved through cognitive mental training, a process usually handled through psychotherapy. Working with psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers, have been further pointed out by the consumer reports as one among the many possible ways of getting help when in need of assistance in finding the right psychotherapy program that could address and individual’s personal and psychological problems. To conclude, this report points out that there is no joke when it comes to depression and distress attacks. As common as it is attacking millions of people today, only a few of those instances are actually given serious attention to. There is no sense in keeping it secret; people who are affected by this point of distress need to be helped immediately. Doing so shall relieve the society from all the impending results of untreated depression that often comes out as drastic, sometimes even radical in relation to social and individual safety. Establishing programs that would specifically provide the society with the knowledge they need to be able to understand when they actually need to undergo a particular program of psychotherapy could instantiate a better way of handling the problem. Most likely, in the coming years, it is expected that the capacity of psychotherapy to address personal problems of individuals in a much positive scale could be better defined. Its strength in providing aid to those experiencing distress and depression ought to be given particular attention to continuously.


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