Metamorphosis Franz Kafka Essay

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The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka Essay

The condition by which one develops towards maturity is specifically affected by the fact that there are individuals and situations around a person that particularly affects his being and the way he develops personally. The story of Franz Kafka entitled Metamorphosis specifically defines the condition by which particular changes in one’s environment affects his being and the condition of personal development he takes into account.

The distinct manifestation on how one perceives the people around him, for instance his family and the way they perceive him and his value specifically in relation to their personal existence, would actually redefine the way he sees himself and develops accordingly.

Gregor Samsa, the main character of the story, specifically points out the theme of dehumanization that the main character takes into account is shown in a rather symbolical manner. The symbolism takes the being of a morphed human into a cockroach who lurks around the room of Samsa. His likeness to a cockroach specifically identifies well with the distinct emotional frustrations he had to deal with as a person.

Being the provider of the family, and yet is set aside as if he does not exist at all, affects the personal vision of Samsa towards himself and the value he serves with his family. His real value being set aside and at some point covered by greed of his parents has specifically given him an idea that he has no worth at all.

The way he is dealt with by his boss at work even worsens the situation. Relatively, such manner of attention and discipline he gets from the superior members of his organization keeps him at bay, practically remaining low and specifically controlled apart from exploring the possibilities of development he could actually embrace. This further increases his frustrations and the lessening of the confidence he has upon himself.

Being a cockroach is rather the superlative presentation of how Samsa feels about his situation and the connection he develops with the people surrounding him. This presentation of superlative symbolism makes the narrative more reflective of the emotional dilemma that the character experiences. Considerably, it could be understood that somehow the manner by which Samsa feels about his life and the kind of being he has become in front of his family and his superiors at work.

Being a cockroach specifically defines a distinct realization on how much disliked Samsa thought about himself. This particular situation specifically makes him feel that he has no worth compared to all other members of his family; he feels the need to be wanted and needed, and yet amidst all the hardships he undergoes and the sacrifices he keeps in mind, he continues to embrace a relatively devastating situation at home, something that dehumanizes his character and brings about a sense of disappointment.

This factor creates relative picture on how other individuals feel about themselves when they are not given enough recognition for the hardships they do. They may be putting all their best into their jobs and the character they hope to pursue in front of those most important to them, however because of some circumstances, they remain invisible to those who they care most about.

It is because of these frustrations that individuals feel being dehumanized, as if being set aside and being put into a situation that is practically hard to contain in their hearts. Simply perceiving themselves worthless and unwanted because of such situation figuratively changes their whole being. With the way Gregor Samsa and his situation is presented in the story, it is perceived that people who do not get the recognition they think they deserve often seeks out other ways to specifically give themselves a chance to be accepted if not by others, at least by themselves.

A part of being human is being accepted; when this factor for satisfaction is set aside, a person becomes alienated from being human thus deciding to specifically embrace a life that is separate from what they hope to perceive themselves in. Franz Kafka’s treatment of the story strongly relates to actuality in real life and the exaggeration of elements he used in his narrative creates a distinct value for this particular story reread over and over again from one generation to another.

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