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A Company Operations Response to the Avery Nelkin Incident

First to note, the BestBaby Company wants to publicly extend apologies to couples NIck Nelkin and Cella Winston for the incident that their baby, Avery Nelkin has incurred while supposedly safely sitting in a BestBaby stroller.

Greg James, our CEO for ten years, have been working thoroughly with the plans that have been made to make sure that every product released by the company retains its integrity through the years. A parent and a grandfather himself, he knows what goes into the mind of his target buyers when it comes to the safety of the children, especially of babies who are likely the main users of the products that the company releases for public use. Because of the incident, Mr.James tries to investigate thoroughly on what has actually happened.

He himself is currently looking through the products released by the company during the time when the product bought by the Nelkin family has been given out for public use. Along with this, intensifying quality-assurance operations have become one of the most current assuring options that the company takes into account.

The production section of BestBaby Company currently seeks to intensify its quality assurance procedures to make sure that the products manufactured within the production facilities are of top condition even before they reach the retail distribution outlets of the company. This operation-checking procedure is suggested and expected to increase precautionary measures on the part of the creators of the products and the handlers of in the quality department as they check out every single product that comes out from the company. The work is tedious; but there is nothing that BestBaby Company would not do to assure that the safety of their primary customers are assured and kept within close consideration.

Nevertheless, the investigations are at a go. BestBaby Company administrators have addressed the matter in a board meeting and decided that the batch sent out along with that of the product bought by the Nelkin Family shall be pulled out from the market and be retested to avoid any more accidents as the one that just happened recently. Direct product returns or check ups are willingly accepted within the product assurance department of the company to assure the buyers that their strollers and/or other items under the said brand are of the top choice. For inquiries and for complaints, the company is willing to accept both messages and mails through their website and their hotlines. Product exchange requests are however to be screened first before approval.

To the Nelkin Family, the BestBaby Company is willing to pay for the damages that has been incurred for hospital services; not to accept that it is the company’s fault [since investigations have not been completely confirmed yet] but to simply extend our apologies if it was indeed caused by the product the organization released. We sincerely hope that Avery recovers as fast as possible and bring ease to the worries of both Mr. Nelkin and Ms. Winston. Mr. Greg James and the whole administrating staff of BabyBest Company continue to pray for Avery’s fast recovery.

For further information, please contact our hotline or email addresses stipulated in our company website.