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Below you can read sample essay press release: “This is a press briefing held because of an unfortunate incident that happened yesterday evening where a baby to Nick Nelkin, Avery Nelkin who is 3 months old got hurt after she fell off her stroller which tipped over while rolling down the drive way of Nelkin`s home “ Lauren Canyon home”. Mr. Nelkin has expressed his feelings and blames Best Baby for the accident and our customers are a bit worried about the quality of our products and the safety of their children. Our company, Best Baby has been a manufacturing leader in the production of baby strollers and we have an excellent reputation that we have maintained for the period of years since our inception. The Baby strollers are made with safety lock devices, the process of manufacturing involves inspection and re-inspection of the baby strollers at all costs. The company has enjoyed the market dominance of the collapsible jogging strollers product introduced in the year 1997. This line of product is regularly updated with trendy colors such as; blueberry, raspberry, and tangerine, and suitable functionalities suited for the comfort and safety of the baby. Baby strollers are developed to withstand weights of up to 50lbs put on the carriage area with the safety of the child an important factor during the development process. Although there are many claims of our stroller being faulty, Best Baby has sought to clear the conscience of our consumers and provide assurance to parents who use Best Baby strollers for the movement of their children. It`s with utmost reassurance that our products are still the best for your baby and we keep in mind the consumer`s needs. However, the use of the baby stroller is accompanied by safety regulations on how to operate the jogging strollers and the type of individuals suited to handle the baby strollers. The safety device on the stroller is set so as to withstand the weight of the baby plus the weight of the person pushing it. It is made of strong plastic and metal that withstands the weight of a small parent and large parents. In case a young child is left to use and operate the jogging stroller, and an unfortunate event involving a child getting hurt, the manufacturer of the stroller is not held liable for the damages. This will be a violation and breaking of the set rules and regulations. The supervision of an adult is necessary at the time the minor is using the stroller as he can take precautionary measures to keep the baby and the stroller safe and in working order.

This was the case as reported Mr. Nelkin said it was his daughter Sophie, 14 who took out the baby for a late afternoon jog. Sophie`s claim of having set the breaks on the stroller while it was on the drive way has a panel set up to investigate the matter. I would like to request our esteemed customers for patience and calm as we conduct investigations to ascertain the root cause of the incident late yesterday afternoon. After which a report detailing the occurrence will be tabled and recommendations adhered to. At Best Baby we value the wellbeing of the child and we feel deeply sorry for the family of Mr. Nelkin for the unfortunate occurrences and we all wish his quick recovery.”