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Compare ready samples with your papers and improve them

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The purpose of GRE essays is to test your analytical skills and evaluate your ability to think critically. These essays assess your capacity to support a stance in an argument. To accurately assess the students’ capabilities, they are required to complete two essays as part of the prerequisites for admission.

How do I write both GRE essays?

Students have 30 minutes each to complete the Issue essay and the argument essay, respectively. Here are guidelines to optimize both essays:

Issue task

This essay involves analyzing a given issue and taking a side in the argument.

  1. The time limit means that you can only properly evaluate points that support your stance.
  2. Provide evidence to support any preferred stance to make your response better.
  3. Follow the instructions in the paper attentively.
  4. Keep the response as brief as possible.
  5. Be assertive in your response to show your conviction that you are taking the right stance.
  6. If you have time, refute the opposing viewpoint.

Argument task

This task involves analyzing the validity of a predetermined argument.

  1. Don’t choose any sides.
  2. Determine if the core points of the argument are valid by evaluating the premise and comparing it to the deduction
  3. Don’t use first-person pronouns in your essay since the stance is not yours originally.

After completing both tasks, proofread the essay and make adjustments where necessary. If there is still time on the clock, consider revising the vocabulary to make it more convincing and assertive.

Ultimately, these tips will help you write the best GRE essays within a limited time frame. Start practicing today to hone your writing skills.