Developing Human Capital Essay

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Developing Human Capital Essay

Human foundation capital development is a huge area of developing. Each of the three job postings examples provided call for employees with unique skill sets and experience. As noted in the “Call Center Representative – Outbound” posting, the person who will be selected for this listing must be an effective communicator, have at least a basic understanding of the business industry, hold a high school diploma, and hold 0 – 2 years of additional experience.

Although not explicitly stated in this posting, the job candidate should be personable and be able to converse effectively enough to be able to keep the customer from hanging up and be persuaded to purchase the product. To fill this posting, it would be most effective to post want ads in community colleges that offer associates degrees in topics including speech, acting, or business. People who are interested in the aforementioned subjects will be the most likely to meet the standards of this listing.

At the interview itself, candidates should be required to present a persuasive speech to the interviewer so they can analyze these skills. Since most people at community colleges are actively searching for a job after completing their degree, this will be a quick, effective, and low cost recruitment method; an ideal candidate can be expected to be found and hired within one to two weeks. human foundation capital development.

The “Help Desk Manager” position seeks a candidate who has knowledge of IT, problem solving skills, a bachelor’s degree, and 7+ years of experience in the field. The most effective way to advertise this job listing is online or in newspapers because people who are looking to change their career are most likely to uses these sources. It will take at least one to two months to screen a proper number of candidates before the correct one for this position is chosen. To assess whether this is a correct placement, the number of issues resolved can be calculated and compared to previous IT professionals in this field.

The “Administrative Assistant” position requires a candidate who performs basic scheduling tasks, generates reports, has a high school diploma, and 2 – 4 years of related experience. The best way to inform candidates about the availability of this job is through a college career office in a school with a returning education program. Many recent college graduates will meet these requirements due to successful completion of their degree and part or full time work. This will take only about a month to find the perfect candidate and performance can be measured by assessing the words per minute that the candidates can type in addition to the speed of solving math problems in programs like Excel.


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