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Compare ready samples with your papers and improve them

Compare ready samples with your papers and improve them

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Essay writing for standardized tests like ACT can be tricky. Even if you spend time researching ACT essay examples and planning your essay, you will still encounter some curveballs along the way. To write an impressive essay on your ACT, you have to understand how to approach the topics.

ACT essay sample to get you ready

Before you commence writing your ACT essay, you have to identify the type of essay depending on a given essay prompt. Here is a step-by-step guide to assist you in writing a top-level essay:

  • Spend time brainstorming. Go through the ACT essay examples prompts and choose one that you are best suited to complete. Spend a few minutes to rack your brain and develop an outline for your essay.
  • Use a standard outline. Do not waste your time trying to come up with a custom outline for your paper; standard essay outlines are acceptable in ACTs. Be sure to include the introduction, conclusion, and main body sections when writing your essay.
  • Include personal experience where applicable. Sometimes, an essay prompt requires that you discuss your life experiences. Also, if you can improve your paper with something that happened to you, do not hesitate to narrate it in your essay.
  • Revise your work. Always devote enough time to proofreading your essay. Spelling errors attract penalty points and weaken the central idea of your essay.

In conclusion, don’t panic when writing your essay; master these guidelines stated in this ACT essay example to complete even the most non-conventional essay prompts.