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Compare ready samples with your papers and improve them

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UC essays are part of the standard requirements for enrollment into one of the UC campuses. Prospective candidates for admission are required to write UC personal essays using multiple available prompts. Without proper preparation, writing these essays can be a humbling experience.

How to write a superb UC essay

Students often struggle with writing this essay. However, if you want to impress the admissions board with your outstanding language skills, then you have to follow these guidelines:

Keep it short

UC essays have a limit of 350 words. Try not to exceed this limit by 20 words to avoid penalty points. No need rambling about insignificant subjects, go straight to the point of your story right from the first paragraph.

Choose relatable topics

Don’t rush to choose the first essay prompts you to see on the page. Coherency is essential when writing your UC essay. Spend some time analyzing each topic to determine the ones that will put your best language skills on display. Discuss the most relevant life experiences that played a role in your development. Most importantly, mention how you survived through these obstacles.

Outline your essay properly

Arrange your points into paragraphs. This arrangement will help keep your essay coherent. For every 350-word essay, follow the standard essay structure.

  1. The introduction which includes an essay hook and a thesis statement
  2. The body of your essay with personal experiences
  3. The conclusion

To sum up, UC essays by admission prospects go through a stringent screening process. So, follow all the guidelines to improve your chances of getting accepted into one of the campuses.