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Compare ready samples with your papers and improve them

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SAT essays test your comprehension ability. Candidates will have to listen to a passage and analyze the premise of the composition. Afterward, they will have to deconstruct the literary devices in the essay within less than an hour.

How to write an outstanding SAT Essay

Here are the main guidelines for writing SAT essays that will impress the College Board.

Use effective language

The board wants to evaluate your command of the English language. Avoid using regular conversational vocabulary when writing your essay. Choose your words for the most significant impact rather than writing wordy sentences.

Avoid mistakes

Use words that you can spell even if they sound simple to you. As far as they convey the message as you intended, the committee will accept them. Also, avoid stating incorrect facts in your essay. This mistake will cost you some ‘attentiveness’ points.

Stay on point

Don’t stray from the central idea of your essay. Choose the points that only consolidate your idea and stick with them. Follow the instructions in the essay prompt to the latter, even if you believe your approach to answering the question is better.

Read and write with an open mind

While going through the passage, try to absorb every information without bias. SAT essays are not for expressing your opinions. The examiners are assessing your ability to pay attention and evaluate other people’s work.

Use the standard format

Arrange your essay using the conventional structure for all essays. Here are the mandatory sections to include:

  1. The introduction
  2. The thesis statement
  3. The main body
  4. The conclusion

In summation, following these guidelines will help you pass your SAT essay.