Sample of Grant Proposals

The task of writing a grant proposal is not something that you can take easily, not worrying about the end result. We don’t get to write grant proposals often, and when we do – that certainly means we are pursuing an opportunity of our lifetime, a rare chance of drastically advancing our educational aspirations and career. Sure enough, nobody wants to waste such an opportunity. That’s when we focus all our energy and skills to stand out from the crowd.

A good sample of a proposal for a grant is precious. And if you know where to get one, that becomes your tremendous competitive advantage. Stay with us and learn where to get help with a grant proposal, and a good sample in particular.

What is a grant proposal sample?

It is an example of someone submitting a grant proposal. Usually, we find only the best samples online of those applicants who competed and became successful in the process, or at least scored very high. That’s why their proposals are worth sharing with others.

Applicants submit grant proposals to institutions and organizations, whether private or governmental, to receive funding, and get a place to study and research something. Grants can be issued for commercial projects, research aspirations, or socially-beneficial initiatives.

A grant proposal is a paper, a document, which focuses on the pursued project or initiative, and explains its objectives, goals, suggested funding needs, methodology, as well as projected benefits and outcomes.

In any given sample of this document, its author(s) have invested a tremendous amount of time, knowledge, skills, and planning efforts. Whether it’s a grant proposal sample for education or a business project, it will always include the anticipated benefits for the author and the greater good for society.

Sample grant proposal template

There is no universal template for a grant proposal, as in each particular case it will slightly vary due to unique requirements and submission guidelines. Nevertheless, one can distinguish the following most commonly present elements in a grant proposal:

  • An executive summary. For students, this might be a new term, but in essence, an executive summary is a common summary of a paper written for the executives – the decision-makers, top management of a business, members of the grant’s application committee, etc.
  • Introduction. Similarly to an introduction in an essay, there will be some background information about the project and the author, goals, and expected outcomes.
  • Research project description. In simple and concise terms, describe what your project is about, the topic, the required resources, and the projected outcome.
  • Budget. Budgeting lies at the core of every grant proposal. It contains an accurate estimate of the required funding, including short and long-term milestones.
  • Success criteria. It is equally important to describe what the success of your research project will look like. How are you going to measure it? What metrics will you use?
  • Conclusion. The conclusion must make a difference. Include a call to action, an impactful statement, which will make the committee members give the funding to you and not to anybody else.

Help with grant proposal sample

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