How To Combine Work And Study

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Some students start working pretty early – when they are in their first-second study year. That happens because they may not have enough money to pay for accommodation and goods, or maybe they finally want to move from their parents’ place. However, it is a common thing among graduates.

Many of those who work during their school year experience difficulties. There are a lot of tasks and a tiny piece of time for everything. How to combine work and study effectively and not catch emotional burnout?

Find a job that matches the faculty you are studying at

It would be easier if the subject you are working on somehow relates to the subject you examine in college or university. Usually, you can not join the dream company at the beginning of your professional career, so you will probably start from the lowest step. But if you continue, it will be easier for you to apply for a better job in 3-4 years when you will have gained experience and received an appropriate diploma. Think of the future, and maybe it will motivate you!

Work on a part-time

Even if you are not required to be present at university while studying, it can be hard to work on full-time projects. Even if you are a freelancer, it isn’t comfortable to take on a big amount of projects if you are studying. There is a way out – choose part-time work.

Mostly part-time you can choose when it is convenient to work for you. If you study on the first shift, then work on the second one. And that’s it! Now you have more time.

Become friends with classmates

One of the crucial things about studying at university is making friends with those who surround you. If you are in a good relationship with your classmates, they can help you with your homework before exams. That is why some people who don’t study still gain high marks. Do not wonder now?

Force yourself to rest

Sometimes you can hyperfocus on things you do. You are not a robot created for work and study so you need to take some rest to feel “alive”. Set a daily regime and go to bed at the same time every day. Once a week, you should be permitted to go for a walk with your friends. Do not forget to compliment yourself even for small achievements!