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Compare ready samples with your papers and improve them

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“This I Believe” is an international group that allows individuals to share essays on the values and beliefs around which they model their lives. This writing is similar to a narrative essay because it involves using compelling stories and anecdotes to convey your experience.

What should I know about this essay?

According to This I Believe essay examples, your paper should contain around 450 to 750 words. You need to keep the story concise and relevant to the topic. Here are some of the compulsory guidelines to follow and examples:

Start with a clear thesis

The first paragraph of your essay should contain a thesis statement declaring your stance on a given subject. You must write your essay from the first-person point of view.

This I Believe essay sample perspective: “I believe that God works through strangers. I believe that God walks amongst us every day.”

Tell a compelling story

After stating the thesis, jump straight into the narrative section. Tell a true story or an anecdote that correlates with your thesis. Use literary devices to maximize the impact of the story. Your This I Believe essay can have a massive effect on the reader if you provoke emotions.

This I Believe essay example: “A homeless man I met on the streets of New York once saved my life. He showed me that people could retain their humanity despite the harshness of life…”

Finish with a moral lesson

At the end of your essay, highlight the impacts of this experience in shaping your belief.

Read it out loud

Since most This I Believe essays later become speeches, find an isolated room, and read it out to yourself. Make changes if you feel the delivery is too bland.

In summation, This I Believe essays involve convincing the reader that your life experiences have convinced you to adopt a certain viewpoint on life. With a proper understanding of This I Believe essay examples, you can come up with an essay that will get published.