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Compare ready samples with your papers and improve them

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Narration involves recreating an experience from your point of view or a collective standpoint. With good writing skills, one can come close to replicating the same experience to the reader. This realism is what separates an excellent narrative essay from a bland narrative.

Narrative essay writing helps the student to access their memory and properly tell a story about an experience.

As easy as it sounds, this kind of essay can be tricky since most people don’t know how to tell a compelling story.

Searching for narrative essay samples can help you understand what to discuss but won’t add much credence to your essay.

How to write a narrative essay

Since a narrative essay deals with personal experiences, you have more room to maneuver when composing your essay.

Write in the first person

A narrative essay functions when you tell the story from your perspective. Writing from the third-person perspective is quite rare and is reserved for inanimate objects most of the time. Here are some of the pronouns that characterize a first-person narrative:

  • “I” and “me” – for stories involving one individual
  • “We” and “our” – for group experiences

Use a narration hook

By starting your essay with a short story in the introduction, you are setting the tone for the reader. The narration hook serves as the preview of your narrative essay.

For example: “In my time traveling, I have never seen a place as breath-taking as Monaco.”

Make use of dialogue

You can ask questions and answer them in some of the essay’s paragraphs. This technique helps to keep the reader engaged while going through your paper.

In conclusion, an excellent narrative essay should focus on your ability to recount an experience in a captivating tone. Following these tips will help you improve your narrative essay writing skills.