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Compare ready samples with your papers and improve them

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A summary of an author’s work involves a careful and unbiased evaluation of their methods and approach. There is little or no room to express your opinion on the issues discussed in the text. From summary response essay examples, you can understand the requirements in terms of content and size.

However, a summary response essay is unique because it allows you to stress your opinion on the matter. Always pay attention to the instructions of the essay to find out if the professor wants to hear your opinion.

A summary response essay example prompt sounds something like this:

“Provide a summary of Lolita and share your thoughts on the book.”

How to Write a Distinctive Summary Response Essay

Some summary response essay example recommendations discourage switching sides. However, in your response essay, you can agree or disagree with all of the writer’s viewpoints. For the sake of clarity, stick to whichever side you choose from the start. Here are some core elements that make a response impactful:

  • Positioning. Responses should be placed in such a way that they contrast the main idea. While most teachers advise students to respond immediately after stating a point, others recommend placing the response at the end of the summary.
  • Content. Your summary response essay should contain arguments based on the facts of the writing/composition. Explore common grounds as well as areas of disagreement with the author’s methods. Also, discuss all the new information you discovered while going through the essay and how it has impacted your perception of the subject of discussion.
  • Delivery. Use simple sentences that best convey your thoughts on the publication. When delivering your summary, don’t antagonize the writer’s views, even if you disagree with them.

Ultimately, a good summary response essay sample will tell you all you have to watch out for when organizing your response.