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As the name implies, a compare and contrast essay discusses the similarities and differences between multiple subjects of discussion. For a comparison essay to make sense, you need to establish a correlation between ideas properly.

How to write an excellent compare and contrast essay

To compare two subjects, you need to find the unique characters of both subjects and correlate them with one another. The essay prompts will tell you what characteristics to compare and contrast. These are the guidelines to master comparison writing:

  • Choose a criterion

Before you start writing your essay, analyze both subjects attentively to spot the principal features. These features will help you to relate both subjects following the essay’s requirements.

  • Create a chart or Venn diagram

With the help of a chart, you can tabulate the key features. The intersecting features are the similarities, while those outside the zone of intersection are the differences.

  • Arrange your points

Deciding on your writing structure will help you arrange the paper.

  • The block system involves arranging similar characteristics in one section.
  • The point-by-point system involves stating a similarity and then highlighting the difference adjacent to it.

Arrange your essay to your discretion but maintain the same format throughout the paper.

In conclusion, when writing a compare and contrast essay, endeavor to correlate similar characteristics and contrast varying features. By maintaining a uniform structure, you will make the essay easier to digest.