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In college admission essays, you can find an essay prompt that wants you to talk about yourself. Some of these prompts specify the traits you should discuss about yourself. If an essay prompt demands that you discuss your leadership qualities, then that essay is known as a leadership essay. So, no need to panic: find some A-grade leadership essay examples and start writing.

A leadership essay will score high marks if you mention your influences and how you work towards improving your leadership skills.

In this leadership essay sample, we will show you how best to describe yourself as a leader.

How best can I describe my leadership qualities?

When writing this type of essay, focus on the most vital positions you have held, including your responsibilities in these posts. Here are some of the most effective ways of writing about your experience as a leader:

Talk about your influences

Information from leadership essay examples confirm that mentioning your influences will help the board learn the kind of leader you intend to become. So, most admission boards want to know who your influences are in terms of leadership. Also, mention one or two famous people with impeccable reputations as leaders.

What does leadership mean to you?

In your essay, always mention what you believe are the essential qualities a leader should possess. Also, you should specify which of these qualities you have and how you are working towards acquiring those you lack.

What positions have you held?

You cannot be a leader without having held a position. Mention any post you held at any level, no matter how insignificant you think it is.

In conclusion, you have to convince the reader that you have undeniable leadership qualities. By mentioning your influences and positions held in the past, your essay will have more credibility. In earnest, following the guidelines in this leadership essay example will never let you down.