Designing Effective Organizations

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Description of organization structure


Based on the scenario, it is evident that the main feature that will meet the needs of the business is grouping employees into teams to carry out certain tasks. This explains the intention to hire interns to work with leaders to develop a systematic business process. Also, a team of stakeholders and investors taking will be involved to take leadership roles, which means there will be teamwork. Having the groups implies that each team will have its specific tasks in contributing progress of the business. There will also be a group of people in the business that will take part in the decision-making process, which indicates that all team members will make decisions. Another important feature is that while each team will focus on individual tasks, all of them will have the main goal for the entire business (Dalcher, 2). This is because the scenario’s main goal is to work towards enhancing innovative and sustainable communities. The availability of flexible structures is another important feature for business as that will help reinforce teamwork, solve problems, and make effective decisions in the organization. Fundamentally, this scenario represents a clear picture of business with less hierarchy.


From my choice of organizational structure, functions or departments will have significant work. The aspect of functions or departments implies that each team within the organization will have specific tasks that will be brought together to achieve a common purpose. Each team in the organization structure will be awarded tasks based on their specific skill set in a particular task. In addition, different stakeholders from various parts of the community businesses will take part I n leading each team in implementing certain innovative plans. After that, the stakeholders will come together as a team to evaluate the failures and successes, thus making necessary changes that will help them focus on achieving a common goal. In relation to the chain of command, the organization’s structure is not hierarchical; thus, every decision is made through the participation of each team member. It is also clear that the organization’s leadership is not centralized, as there is no central authority that other leaders report. Therefore, all business members are partners with no authority over others because each one is tasked to work and achieve organizational success.

Support for the choice of Organizational Structure

Scientific management organizational theory is the one that can support the organizational structure discussed above. This theory is important because it can help explore individuals’ specific skill sets and use their strengths to improve output. Specific data that each member is good at can be used to explore options for improving the organization instead of bureaucracy, which makes people do things they could be more passionate about. The important aspect of this theory is that it supports a team-based structure by establishing efficient ways to carry out tasks. It is done after establishing the strengths of each individual in the team, which leads to maximizing the organization’s outputs while minimizing the cost of production.

Impact of organizational structure on the effectiveness of the business

The goal attainment approach assesses organizational structure in terms of success in attaining its goals. Based on the scenario, it is fundamental that a team-based organizational structure can impact the effectiveness of business because they provide an opportunity for the member to explore skillset in implementing innovations (Dalcher, 8). The important aspect of making teams with different minds work together is that they increase the chances of success for the organization because each one of them will be free to express their creative opinions and take part in making decisions, thus creating a wider range of ideas to explore in the development process. 

Advantages and disadvantages of using team-based

One of the significant advantages of using a team-based organizational structure is that it provides better communication than others, like administrative. This is because its leadership structure employs fewer levels of hierarchy, allowing every member to express themselves and their ideas without having to report to anyone in authority.

The disadvantage of this organizational structure is that it can lead to the rise of personality conflict among team members that negatively impact the developmental goals set by the firm (Jones, n.p). Another disadvantage of a team-based organizational structure is that it is difficult for the business owner to identify the underperforming workers because they hide behind team members.

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