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How many essays do you have to write each semester? Every student is constantly faced with writing an essay. And sometimes, this process is difficult. We all know that feeling of helplessness when you have an essay you cannot crack. That feeling that makes you think, “I am definitely in trouble”.  Therefore, we have compiled a…

Aug 3, 2020

An essay may be variously categorized as descriptive essay, expository essay, critical essay, etc, based on various factors. Students frequently have to make use of essay writing in majority of their papers. The preliminary thing to do typically is deciding which topic to base the essay on. However, the most crucial thing that writers have…

Jul 22, 2020

The human mind has a limited attention span. With the advent of technological advances like smartphones, people pay even less attention to one subject before shifting their focus to something else.  Check out this scenario: you are working on an important task, and all of a sudden, you hear the notification sound on your smartphone….

Jul 20, 2020

Research papers are probably the most daunting form of essay writing. The process normally involves gathering information from various sources, compiling biographies and sometimes carrying out interviews of people who are an authority on research essay. This kind of preparation helps students to be better equipped in writing a research essay paper. A high school…

Jul 15, 2020

Humans are predisposed to reactions and deriving conclusions based on personal opinion. In the larger society, these responses often meet a deadlock, since most people hold different views that conflict with others.  So, how can one get rid of emotional responses to situations? The answer is critical thinking. An individual’s ability to properly analyze a…

Jul 13, 2020

Some movies will make you laugh; some will make you sob like a toddler. But some movies will get you hyped to put on your trainers and jog through the streets or pursue your dreams – for some time, at least. That’s why we have prepared a list of inspirational films for you.  Here are…

Jul 6, 2020

Errors are common when you write in English, but the ability to spot them from miles away will make you a better and more attentive writer. They will also help you get rid of sudden death mistakes in writing an essay. Instead of depending on spell-check tools to bail you out, you can catch some…

Jun 12, 2020