The Art of Writing: Is It a Helpful Skill?

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Why is it important to write well?

There are many reasons why writing is important throughout our lives, but everything starts in school. It is at school and college where for the first time in our lives essay writing skills make a big difference on our path forward and we start noticing differences between our writing skills and those of our peers. At the college level, our writing skills can determine our academic progress, our major, and our careers.

It’s easy to see why writing can play such an important role at the college level. After all, essays are incredibly important to students like you and can be the deciding factor in your academic performance.

Students with the highest essay scores often receive the highest overall marks and have the most opportunities. Especially in the age of the Internet, when most students take at least some of their courses online, writing is the medium by which students realize their potential.

For example, when students take online courses, there are no lectures or discussions in the classroom. In most online courses, students write texts and answer forum questions, which are basically miniature essays.

Writing these forum posts is time-consuming, but it represents a significant portion of student grades. If the student is not a strong writer, then there is a real possibility that they will not succeed in the online course.

Even in regular face-to-face courses, writing is essential, and not just for writing academic essays. When communicating with faculty and fellow students, email or text messages are vital, and clear and concise communication is essential so that students can send and receive important messages and get the information they need with minimal distortion.

The art of writing after college

Many people mistakenly believe that once they finish their studies, they will stop writing. This is far from being true. Indeed, the importance of writing skills in the job market is now undeniable. Writing can become even more important once you start working and building your career.

If you ask employers what skills they are most looking for in potential employees, you will get a lot of answers. But if you ask them what skills they think their new employees should have but lack, you’ll find that most employers complain that their employees lack written and verbal communication skills.

Even if your specific job does not involve writing reports, you may need to write memos, emails, and other communications to provide information to colleagues or supervisors, request information, or receive clarifications.

The ability to communicate these essential things in a way that your audience can easily understand you without confusion or misunderstanding is essential in the business world, and solid writing skills are a prerequisite to success and rapid career growth.

The art of writing in private life

While the era of lengthy love letters has passed, we still write in our personal lives.

From emails asking for refunds to social media posts and wedding toasts, being able to express ourselves clearly and effectively can ease many situations and help us connect better with others. Without a doubt – the skill of writing is an important socializing factor. 

Even something as simple as sending text messages in popular social apps can become more enjoyable and easier if we use good writing skills to avoid confusion. Writing something clear the first time saves time!

All in all, the ability to write well defines who we are and affects our reputation. Even among family members and close relatives, if you can write without grammar and syntax mistakes, will make you a respected and valuable member and the one who will be in high demand when it comes to checking texts for consistency, practicability, and errors.