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Our experts from BookWormLab tried hard to make you inspired!

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Hello everyone! Egg Candles This week the whole world will be celebrating the divine holiday of Easter, rich with special traditions and delicious treats. So we want to take a chance and greet you all on this pleasant occasion! Let the spirit of Easter make you feel warm and loved, fill your heart with joy and restore your belief in miracles.’s team wishes you to have a joyful Easter and celebrate it in a grand manner with a big party time! Easter Party As on any other festive day we can’t stay aside and come bearing Easter gifts for our fabulous clients. Starting from today and during the whole week you can play egg hunting on our website. We bet you love it as a child, so you’ll have fun doing it now as well! We have hidden 5 colored eggs on our main page for you to find them. You just need to click on the egg, when you find it, and it’ll appear in your basket. What is the prize when the hunt is over? Good question! And here’s your answer. After you locate all the eggs, you will be given your personal 10% discount code in the pop-up window.

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Hurry up! The faster you collect all the eggs, the more time you’ll have to get the most out of your discount! The offer is available from 04/09/12 till 04/15/12. You can use your discount code on all orders during this time, but only within your account. Hope, this little gift of ours will make you enjoy the holiday even more! Happy Easter once again and have fun egg hunting! Sincerely yours, Team