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Different kinds of essays come with unique challenges. They also require a unique approach to research, writing, and overall tone of voice. Most college professors leave specific instructions, while others prefer that students come up with unique ideas. However, one needs to understand what a synthesis essay involves before going any further.

Writing a synthesis essay involves brainstorming and intricate research to gather facts. This fact-finding mission is only the first step in writing a proper synthesis essay. The student has to ‘synthesize’ their opinion and critique of the data they show in the paper.

How to write a synthesis essay

A synthesis essay is similar to an argumentative essay. So, you can follow the same principles to present your argument.

1. Search for evidence

A synthesis essay thrives on the extensive scope of your research. Gather all the facts pertaining to the subject matter and mention their sources. You should always make sure that the source of information is reliable and accessible to interested readers.

2. Draft your paper

Make use of standard essay outlines to improve your paper. The typical structure of a synthesis essay is as follows:

  • The introductory paragraph and thesis statement
  • Body paragraph – arguments and analysis (personal opinion)
  • Conclusion paragraph – reiteration of the thesis statement

3. Strengthen your position using citations

Only sources relevant to the subject of discussion should make it to your paper. For example, a citation from NASA on rocket propulsion techniques will make your synthesis essay more convincing. If you mention a point without citing the source, that idea is considered plagiarism.

In conclusion, writing a synthesis essay is not an easy task. Students have to spend a lot of hours coming up with facts and criticizing them. By following these guidelines, you will write an impeccable synthesis essay without any stress.