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Essay Conclusion Examples

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The conclusion paragraph is one of the key sections of any essay. A well-crafted conclusion is the best way to cap off your paper. So, what should you include in your essay conclusion to make it the perfect ending to your essay? How can you find flawless essay conclusion examples?

Defining components of an Essay Conclusion 



Summarize the key points

You can only summarize a few of the main points if you are writing a multiple-page paper. Select 2-3 of the most significant paragraphs in your essay and write a concise summary. 

Reiterate the thesis

Start your conclusion by reminding the reader about the central idea behind the paper. You don’t have to repeat the thesis statement verbatim – keep things short.

Maintain the tone of writing

Informal essays allow the use of first-person pronouns in conclusions. However, academic papers do not allow the writer to include their perspective at the end of their essay. So, make sure that you understand the purpose of the paper and follow the instructions.

Leave the reader wanting

The end of your conclusion should make room for ‘food for thought.’ The reader should be provoked to contemplate on what they just read.

Guide the reader 

Although the reader already knows that the last paragraph of your essay is the conclusion, try to show that you are summing up the entire text. 

Introduce the conclusion paragraph with transition words and phrases like:

  • “To sum up”
  • “In conclusion”
  • “In summation”
  • “In the end”
  • “Ultimately”

A good essay conclusion will help you conclude your essay, like the ending scenes of a movie. So, spend time and effort studying the masterful essay conclusion examples to make your ending as compelling as possible.


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