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Located in the South Pacific, South West of Australia, New Zealand has a population of 4 million, but with a coastline equal to USA, its economic fishing zone covers nearly 1.2 million nautical miles. When you are writing your essay about New Zealand, these should be elaborated. The New Zealand custom essay paper should also mention that being blessed by nature in having such abundant coast, seafood is the country’s major industry.

The essay about New Zealand should take stock of the various art objects crafted by the residents of the country. These are ceramic arts and crafts, decorative hand blown glass, abalone jewelry, etc. Related readings: abortion essay writing, Barack Obama essay writing and biography essay paper writing assistance. The peculiarity of abalone must find a place in New Zealand essay.

Abalone is a tough textured and light shellfish that is an important item of New Zealand exports. In a New Zealand essay, the importance of aqua culture in New Zealand’s economy must be stressed. An essay about New Zealand should contain description of home wares like bed linen and placemats that have a distinctive Maori and/or Pacific design theme. The New Zealand essay should also include information on items like wooden toys, and games made from native timber and some natural cosmetics.

The geography of New Zealand is an important item for any New Zealand essay. New Zealand is a beautiful country filled with wondrous landscapes. It has amazing glaciers, rugged mountains, awe-inspiring scenery and even volcanic plateaus. You should include in your New Zealand essay, all about the hillsides, tropical forests, not to speak of miles of coastline and sandy beaches.

In A New Zealand essay, tourism should feature as an important earner for the country. What is very interesting about New Zealand is that volcanic plateaus on this island can still erupt. This should be covered in your essay about New Zealand. The human characteristics are equally fascinating and can be mentioned in your New Zealand essay.

The Maori doing their ceremonial dances are a great tourist attraction and this can be added into your New Zealand essay. More related readings: interesting research paper topics, cause and effect essay and five paragraph essay. You can also mention the numerous beaches in your New Zealand essay. The socio-economic pattern should find place in your New Zealand essay. Important information about education can also be included in your New Zealand essay. These statistics would be useful when you order essay about New Zealand online.