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Interesting Topics For Essay

This has been an interesting semester and a very interesting class. There were many things that interested me, but there are only a few that catch my attention. The first thing that interested me was the ways in which abortion, artificial insemination, sterilization and surrogacy bring about ethical dilemmas in the health care field and system.

These subjects are looked at very differently in many different cultures. Some cultures consider them to be immoral while others do not. This course brought light to how I felt on each issue and helped me come to terms with a few things.

In reference to abortion, I have come to the conclusion that I am completely against it unless the mother’s life is in some sort of danger. I believe that it is wrong to take the life of another human being if the mother is not in danger herself. However, I have a different viewpoint on surrogacy, sterilization and artificial insemination. I am in favor of all of these. Each of these has its own advantages and disadvantages. I believe that the person involved in any of these must look at the advantages and disadvantages of each and make the right decision based on these.

It is important to always be ethical in the decision-making process, but these are topics in which I am not worried about in a big way. As long as each of these do not go against the bible and each person is making ethical decisions, in my eyes, there should be no reason that these procedures cannot be done. This class has opened my mind to many different things and has given me the opportunity to evaluate how I feel on each specific topic and has helped me gain perspective on many issues.