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A Muhammad essay is a heavy weight assignment: Muhammad Ali is the legendary African-American boxer who became the first heavy weight champion of the world and won the title 3 times. His life story naturally makes a terrific Muhammad essay. There are many Muhammad Ail essays and biographies for reference. A Muhammad essay could discuss the course of Ali’s life as a boxer and also as a man of true ideals.

A Muhammad college essay could mention that the legendary boxer was born Cassius Marcellus Clay in 1942 in Louisville, Kentucky. A Muhammad essay would note that this living legend was not ashamed of being a poor black boy. That he only turned to boxing at 12 after his bike was stolen is an interesting aspect in any Muhammad essay. Such a Muhammad essay would be called biographical.

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Muhammad essay would mention his first boxing mentor, policeman Joe Martin. A Muhammad essay would trace the growth of the boxing prodigy from the tender age of 12.That of the 103 amateur matches he played, he had won 98, before he came to the ‘60s Olympics is another juicy fact for a Muhammad essay. A Muhammad essay could gloat about his Olympic Gold Medal won for America by a black man! A Muhammad essay must then, discuss how his life took a new direction after the Olympics in Rome.

It may not be the simplest task to write a Muhammad essay but plenty of help is available on the net and in books and reference libraries. Muhammad essay writing may come easily to those with an interest in boxing, or fans of Ali. But students can order Muhammad essay from the net for there are professional writers who can deliver a Muhammad Ali essay that is content rich and reliable.

Such a Muhammad essay can be discussed with the writers and custom written for you. Related readings: interesting research paper topics, narraitive essay writing help and how to write five paragraph essays. One way or another a Muhammad essay may be ready for submission; but it would be good to ensure the piece reflects the trials and triumphs of the legend as well as his quirky personality – for instance he loved to dance in the boxing ring after defeating an opponent!