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Tips for Formatting Research Papers in Chicago Style

Essays are a major part of the current educational curriculum. Schools, colleges and universities all over the world grade their students based on the essays that they write. While most institutions often issue students a topic for their essay, some have even started to prescribe the style the paper needs to be written in. Among these top formats that are widely used is the Chicago style. The guidelines for the same appear in the ‘Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations and Chicago Manual of Style’. The difference lies in the formatting and the presentation of the paper – and not in the content. Many online services now provide students with essay help, also giving them the option to buy cheap custom essay from them.

Chicago Style Research Paper Template

With one-inch margins on either end of the page, and double space for the entire length of the text, a Chicago style research paper can be on any topic ranging from political science to history courses. Other kinds of essays, like a compare and contrast essay, personal essay and argumentative essay, can also be written using this style of formatting. Other features of this formatting style include single-spaced, four-space indented block quotations, single spaced footnotes, references and endnotes. Such organized specifications really come handy when you are writing serious essays, like a government essay or an expository essay.

Chicago Style Thesis Paper

When writing essays for higher education, evaluators make it a point to check for footnotes, endnotes and references. While there are variations for the insertion of citations in a Chicago-style research paper, find out which type of citation your evaluator expects from you – Parenthetical notations or footnotes, endnotes and a bibliography. While the parenthetical notations suit a Chicago-style argumentative essay or a scholarship essay, the latter is better when writing essays of literature, like an Ernest Hemmingway essay or a Heart of Darkness essay topics.

How to Cite a Chicago Style Research Paper

When you choose to write your Chicago-style research paper using footnotes and endnotes, ensure that you insert a bibliography too, so your evaluators can check the authenticity of your content. Use footnotes to explain yourself or your logic behind a statement you make in your essay. Using footnotes works great when you are writing a personal essay. However, endnotes come just before your bibliography, and it is a lot more troublesome to keep flipping pages and matching the numbers to see the note you have written against it. Read about how to make a paper longer, this is a free writing guide created for college and university students. Using references in your Chicago style research paper would mean that you insert a list of all your references at the end of the research paper. References are placed in the place of a bibliography, and it must be organized alphabetically, as per the author’s names. When writing a research paper based on pure facts and statistics, like an argumentative essay, use references to back up your arguments. Writing Chicago style research papers may take a lot of effort from a student. An alternative of having to write the entire essay could be to buy a custom essay from firms that provide writing services.