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  Research papers are probably the most daunting form of essay writing. The process normally involves gathering information from various sources, compiling biographies and sometimes carrying out interviews of people who are an authority on research essay. This kind of preparation helps students to be better equipped in writing a research essay paper. A high school research paper takes longer time to complete than usual high school or college essay. At times, it may involve writing a 20 page essay or a 5 paragraph essay or a critical essay or a comparison essay or a cause and effect essay or an expository essay or a definition essay or a comparison essay or a classification essay and various other kinds of thesis papers.

High School Research Paper Outline

A number of websites provide tips on essay writing. The first step in writing a research paper is to narrow down on a topic. It is necessary to choose a topic of your interest as it could make the writing more interesting. You could discuss the same with your course guide or instructor and get more inputs. You would find help in a lot of sources like bibliographies, journals and other documents and books. Be organised and make a systematic note of all information gathered. Compile all information in the order of importance and make notes against them for easy reference.

High School Research Paper Topic Examples

While writing a research essay, you may need to choose the style of writing. It could either be in the form of an expository essay or a critical essay or even a comparison essay. Whatever form you choose, introduction becomes crucial as it sets the pace for the entire paper and could even reveal what the paper is all about. In the body, your essay should talk about the main points, discuss the core issues, put forth the arguments and opinions and give detailed descriptions.

High School Research Paper Format

Summarising your high school research paper is equally important. You could end the paper by explaining the implications of your opinions. It should be able to convince the reader and give the research paper topic a whole new dimension. Before submitting the final draft, you must check for the overall language, flow of words, sentence construction, grammar and overall documentation. Any required changes must be incorporated before presenting your essay paper.

Sample High School Research Paper

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