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Research Proposal is a significant piece of academic writing, which is composed with the purpose of the potential research justification. Undertaking a research is a serious engagement, which, most of the time, requires the support of the external parties. In order to attract the potential partners and persuade them to take part in the conducted study, a student has to come up with a truly persuasive and justified proposal, which will leave no choice for the perspective research partner but to agree to join this particular academic research paper writing experience.

Your Successful Research Proposal Layout

In the majority of cases, unless advised otherwise by the faculty, the research proposal complies with the following writing pattern:

  • Title Page – formatted with accordance to the chosen writing style for the paper;
  • Introduction – composed to present the overview of the undertaken initiative as well as underline its significance and importance;
  • Literature Review – holds the primary purpose of summarizing the already known facts and conducted studies in this particularly chosen area of expertise;
  • Methods – describes the chosen experimental design and supporting activities;
  • Literature Cited – the list of the used sources.

Great Suggestions For A+ Research Proposal

When the topic of the research proposal is identified, make sure to conduct a serious amount of scientific literature reading in order to ensure the wide information coverage. This will also be a good start for the literature citation and will allow you to eliminate any unnecessary sources as you proceed with the further research steps. Another aspect to be addressed in the course of the research proposal writing is the choice of the sources. You must make sure that each author has sufficient knowledge, credentials, qualifications and authority in this particular field as well as that the used materials are up-to-date and refer to the recent finding.

Finishing Up Your PhD Research Proposal

Before submitting the final draft of the Master’s or PhD research proposal, be sure to conduct a thorough literacy and formatting check. Read through the paper a couple of times to ascertain that your grammar and punctuation literacy cannot be questioned as well as that the format of the paper strictly complies with the requirements of the chosen writing style. This way you’ll ensure that the quality of the paper is at the highest academic level possible and will build up sufficient grounds for the further research conduction.