Interesting Research Paper Ideas

You must begin the process of selecting research paper themes with an understanding of the context of your subject. You must be sure to include the latest events and developments related to the topic. According to the Cornell University Library, you can ask yourself some questions to help stimulate your creativity and come up with interesting ideas.

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Good research paper ideas must follow these simple rules:

  • The topic must be appropriate concerning the subject of your class.
  • The topic should be easy to research.
  • An excellent research paper theme is the one in which you are well-versed so that you are comfortable with writing on it.
  • Be specific! You have to pick something catchy and factual so that your reader can remember it.
  • The topic should not be too narrow; as the availability of information on the subject may be limited to be covered in the given page limit.

So what can you do to get a fresh research paper idea?

  • Brainstorm, get topics for your research paper from the top of your head.
  • Talk to your classmates, find out what are their research paper topics.
  • Surf the Internet to get inspired. Google is your friend – maybe you’ll be lucky enough to find a list of interesting research paper themes.
  • Check your social network connections (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube)
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How to Choose Interesting Research Paper Themes

Here are a few steps for choosing exciting research paper ideas:

  • Brainstorming session: When facing trouble in finding interesting research paper topics, simply write down whatever ideas come into your head. Ask yourself these questions:
    1. What topics do I know a lot about?
    2. What do I find interesting which may translate into an interesting topic?
    3. Which issues are in news and important?
  • Evaluate for appropriateness: List all the topics you have come up with and check them for suitability. Choose topics that best match your requirements. You can also use our research paper sample as a template.

Finally, select a topic that you find the most interesting, as this will also help enhance your writing process.

Where to Look for Research Paper Ideas

To get a range of research paper ideas, refer to the following sources:

  • Digital dissertations
  • Blogs – There are blogs on every imaginable subject. Make sure you check the blog directories.
  • Journal and magazine databases
  • News lists and newspapers
  • Online Encyclopedias
  • Books – Consult reference books, indexes, and tables of contents
  • Online topic archives
  • Popular magazines
  • Directories including those of Yahoo, Google, DMOZ and other sources.

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High School Research Paper Themes

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