What are Some Good Topics for a Research Paper?

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Understanding how to write a good research paper is important for each student. However, the decisive success factor in this undertaking is choosing the right research topic. This may require extensive searching on the Internet, in libraries, talking to peer students, professors and finally, figuring out the topic on your own. Here, we provide a list of hot research topics to help you write the best research paper in your class.

How to Choose a Topic for a Research Paper

The key to good research work is a good topic. It is the foundation of your work. Many say that by picking the right topic, students achieve at least 50% of their research paper success. Most often, students are required to select a topic for research via collaboration with their professor or supervisor. If you need a publication before defending your thesis or dissertation, then the title should match your graduation work.

If you are preparing a text for a speech at a conference, then the topic of the research paper should correspond to the topic of the event. For example, if the conference is devoted to the methodology of teaching the English language, then all presentations should deal with the topic of teaching the English language in different educational institutions.

If you just need to submit a research paper for your college class, then look on the Internet for scientific articles on your subject. You need to choose the most modern, exciting, and relevant topics. Also, the topics you select should motivate and interest you. 

Keep in mind that by writing an ordinary research paper in your undergraduate class, you are laying out the foundation for your future degree thesis or dissertation. The main thing is that you understand at least something on the chosen topic in order to write an interesting research paper on your own.

Suggestions of Research Topics by Subject Area


History is a fruitful area and a very popular one in high schools and colleges. If you take history classes, the below topics will come in handy for your research paper: 

  • The English alphabet in the past and in the present
  • Atlantis – myth or reality?
  • The Gods of Ancient Egypt
  • Gods and myths of Ancient Greece
  • Warfare machines of the past
  • Is the British royal family a thing of the past?
  • Buddhism as a religion – the main beliefs
  • Eastern philosophies and modern science – what do they have in common?
  • Did the Roman Empire collapse, or was it reborn?
  • Life, religion, and culture of the Aztec civilization
  • Great discoveries. Christopher Columbus
  • The influence of the Celts on the language and culture of Great Britain

Ecology and Environment

Ecology or environment is a hot topic in the 21st century. The global warming induced by human civilization threatens to destabilize the Earth’s climate and cause many nations and regions of the world to migrate and seek new places for living. Choose one of the following topics on ecology and you will make a huge positive difference in your class:

  • Car – the main source of chemical pollution of the atmosphere
  • Nuclear power – pros and cons
  • The impact of emissions of various pollutants on the atmosphere and human health
  • The possibility of developing ecological tourism in our city (town, county, etc.)
  • The effect of mobile phones and other gadgets on the human body ad health
  • GMOs: great progress or harm?
  • Additives, colorants, and preservatives in food
  • Healthy lifestyle as a social problem
  • From waste to income. Analysis of the world experience in the processing of waste and secondary raw materials.
  • The presence of harmful and prohibited food additives in some foods
  • Global warming – a myth or reality?

Sociology and Politics

Sociology and Political Science classes require students to understand the underlying processes in society, politics, students’ immediate environment, the behavior of other people, international politics, and the phenomenon of power.

  • The state and civil society
  • The importance of technological progress on the life of society
  • The ideal form of governance of a modern Western state
  • International terrorism as a global problem of our time
  • The place of traditions in the life of a modern person
  • The process of economic globalization. Its origins, essence, and meaning
  • The role of the mass media in modern politics
  • The connection between generations as the basis for the continuity of history and culture
  • Family as a small group and a social institution. Problems of the modern family and ways to overcome them.
  • Social network as the basis of modern social structure
  • Values of a healthy lifestyle among young people
  • Politics and power – why do people go into politics, and what does power have to do with it?