Research Paper Introductions

Are you looking for an excellent research paper foreword? You have just found it. It is usually recommended to write the introduction to your research paper after you have finished the paper itself but being exhausted after this daunting process and being out of ideas, you will probably grasp for help. is here to provide you with professional writing help and give you the perfect research paper introduction example.

How to Write a Research Paper Introduction

Writing a research paper introductory paragraph is almost as challenging as writing the paper itself since you have to squeeze the main idea of the whole writing into one short piece. If you still want to give it a try, our proficient writers, who are there for you 24/7, will gladly give you some guidelines for writing.

  • Keep it short. An extended introduction will put people off and most probably lower your grades.
  • Define the problem. The introduction should show the main subject and end with the central question of your writing or the thesis statement.
  • Organize it well. Sometimes while writing the paper may go in a slightly different direction than planned, so keep in mind that the introduction must stick to it, too.

Research Paper Writing Tips

The introduction is the only text in a research paper that is written without using paragraphs to separate major points. At first, you may want to write a research paper outline, but this more detailed instruction for a good research paper introduction example may help you further:

  • Describe the significance of the research – why was this worth doing in the first place?
  • Briefly talk about the history of your topic and explain how it relates to your current research.
  • Defend the model or system you have used. Indicate practical or theoretical reasons for using it.
  • Provide your arguments. State your specific objective(s), describe the reasons that led you to choose them.
  • Describe how the methodology you chose will help you prove your point, why you chose it.

You Should Know About This

We don’t have to remind you that the first sentence must engage your reader, thus getting your paper off to a great start. If you have done your research thoroughly, you must have discovered many interesting anecdotes, quotes, or trivial facts. It will make your beginning an engaging one.

As mentioned above, it may be a good idea to write the introduction only after you have written the research paper itself. Sometimes the research can go not the way you have planned, the findings you make in the process give you new ideas for the further work or your plan doesn’t work, and you have to rethink your actions. That’s why it’s easier to write the introduction only after you have gone through all the research phases and have got a particular result.

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