Why We Oppose SOPA&PIPA and Why It’s SO Important You Take Action!

Discover tips and find info about Why We Oppose SOPA&PIPA and Why It’s SO Important You Take Action!

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Today, on Wednesday January 18th, thousands of websites are protesting SOPA&PIPA by blacking out!

Wikipedia SOPA protest screenshot

This action demonstrates what the Internet would look like, if the suggested bills became laws. Bookwormlab.com’s team, as well as millions of other web users, strongly believe, that there is no need to censor social networks and search engines. By this blog post we are bringing awerness to our clients about two bills that put freedom of the Internet in danger. By knowing in what way exactly SOPA would affect everyday Internet users, you will fully understand why it is essential to protect the web as we know it.

The video below explains how exactly the proposed US legislation will influence the freedom of expression in the most powerful media – the Internet.

As you have learned, SOPA won’t achieve it’s goal of stopping piracy, instead it will just ruin the basic principles of the Internet, such as free access to information. You might as well just say goodbye to every website you are entering millions times a day: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, Tumblr, Ebay, etc.

What other threads does enacting the SOPA bill bring?

    • Blogs are likely to be shut down. Blog owners will take responsibility for everything that appears on their website, including comments. So, any copyright violation in a comment box or uploaded pictures will result in blocked access.
  • We should forget about innovations! Not only will we lose websites like Facebook and DropBox, developers won’t be able to create new projects, as they will be considered as potential platforms for piracy.
  • Anyone, who will upload a video, where he or she is performing a song cover without permission of recording label, can face serious legal actions.

Seems pretty severe, right? But we still have time till the 24th of January, when the Senate will begin voting for the new law.

What can you do to help stop SOPA?

  1. Let your voice be heard – get in touch with your State Senator and let them know how you feel! Make the call immediately!
  2. Spread the information. Use all the sources you can to inform anyone you know about what is going on!
  3. Take actions by signing the petition! If you aren’t the citizen of the USA, it will be the best way for you to become vocal about the issue.
  4. Be aware and stay informed about the current situation to be able to react asap!

Americancensorship.org will help you cope with all that mentioned above! Also use links of Google and Wikipedia to review steps you can take to oppose passing of these bills.

Infographic: Take Action! by Google

If you are afraid even to think about the world without free knowledge, join us in strike against SOPA! Become the part of the biggest online protest – you can make the difference! It’s too important to walk by. Sincerely yours, Bookwormlab.com Team