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Self-Identity Essay

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Self-identity is a collection of ideas that defines an individual. This concept embodies everything a person deduces after a wholesome evaluation of their past and current beliefs and personality traits. An undetermined amount of the individual’s beliefs develop as a result or in spite of the situations surrounding their upbringing.

The idea of self-identity is a comparative model that focuses on the previous and current states of mind of the observer – the self. However, most people have a propensity to exempt themselves from the negative aspects of their character, thus, leading to a biased opinion of oneself.





What should a Self-Identity essay contain?

A self-identity essay can only be effective if the writer can conduct an unbiased introspective evaluation of their personality. However, one can only complete this analysis successfully with proper guidance. Here are the guidelines for developing and understanding your self-identity:

  •  The impact of societal factors

The effects of the individual’s immediate surroundings are apparent in the way they shape their worldview. Before you can answer the question “Who am I?”, one should first understand their roots. Self-identity essays should address this question as a means of providing some background information on oneself.

  •  Adjusting to new surroundings

A major problem most individuals face is trying to figure out which groups to join without compromising their identity of self. This phenomenon explains why like-minded people join the same groups. Consequently, this reason also explains why echo chambers develop over time. 

  •  Maintaining one’s self-identity

Generally, most individuals with low self-esteem find themselves giving up their upbringing to gain acceptance into new groups. On the other hand, people with a high sense of self-worth do not function well in groups. They find it difficult to adjust to groups where they will have to give up the initiative.

Ultimately, a self-identity essay should focus on the psychological concept that helps every human outline themselves based on arbitrary definition systems. By getting close to one’s origins, an individual can properly define themselves and adjust within any society.


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