Scholarship Essay Examples About Yourself

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Compare ready samples with your papers and improve them

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You have your pen and paper in hand, ready to start drafting your essay but have no clue on how to describe yourself. And even if you did, will what you write down be enough to convince the scholarship committee that you are a worthy candidate? These thoughts are commonplace for students who are writing scholarship essays.

Before you start searching for scholarship essay examples about yourself online, here are some of the guidelines that will give you a head start.

Guidelines on writing scholarship essay examples about yourself

Originality is a value adored by the examiners in a scholarship committee. Most of the committee members are used to generic scholarship essays without much substance. So, they are on the lookout for students that have something different to offer. These tips will guide your writing process to increase your odds at landing a scholarship fund:

  • First of all, you have to complete an introspective self-evaluation before you start making a draft. You might assume that you know yourself well enough, but once you start writing, you will find out that you don’t have enough data to ‘sell’ yourself to the committee.
  • Stay true to yourself. Mention your past experiences and life struggles, including the strategies you employed to scale through the obstacles in your way. The most salient purpose of an application essay is to stand out amongst the rest of the applicants.
  • Mention your current academic degree and achievements. Also, if you have taken part in any external competitions like Olympiads and STEM competitions of international repute, do not forget to include them in your essay.
  • Discuss your plans for the funds in detail. The committee will want to know what you intend to do with the grant. So, take your time to plan how you will allocate the funds only to affairs pertinent to the scholarship program.