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Essay samples and examples are a great tool for getting a general understanding and useful tips on how certain type of college papers should be written, structured and formatted. However, nothing is as effective in getting the whole picture for yourself as reviewing an example or sample of a paper written by a first-class scholar. Therefore, for your convenience has designed this page, which contains manuals and guidelines of academic papers on the most popular topics for absolutely free. Just click the topic that you are interested in, and you will get access to our free essay samples and examples.

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Business Program Admission Essay

Many people decide to go into the business world because there is great potential for financial gain. While that incentive is a legitimate motivation for any pursuit of business studies, I am driven to a greater degree by my interest in ecology and the tremendous importance that this field has on the future of our…

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Ohio Nursing Licensure Requirements Essay

The licensed medical practitioners in Ohio are guided by accepted standards as directed by the state’s laws and also the professional guidelines and this covers the nurses as well. Nurse Practice Act, NPA in Ohio Administrative Code S. 4723 defines the scope of practice for the nurses. The scope of practice for nurses and their…

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An analysis of ‘erasing wrinkles in minutes’ Essay

In this advertisement there is a direct appeal to one’s emotional well-being through the way women appear as they age. The advertisers present two faces on one image. One face shows a young person with no wrinkles and the other an aging face festered by wrinkles. It appears often on the internet and on television…

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Developing an Idea into a Marketable Business Plan Essay

Every day, ideas come and go, some great, others poor. However, there are some ideas that are worthy of being considered for expansion and introduction to the masses. A truly great idea may be dormant in one’s brain for a long period of time, but perhaps it evolves into something more meaningful and perhaps profitable….

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History of American Music Essay

Music has always been around from the start of the human experience. Before the first words were spoken, noises that people made was strung together to make clear music that others could relate to. As the Native Americans followed their religion, they would sing and dance to the sky to stay at one with nature….

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Love and Attachment in Early Development Essay

Attachment theory describes relationships between humans. While it can refer to personal connections made and held throughout the lifetime, the theory is often employed to study the development of the first relationships in a human life (the earliest attachment theories only concerned the relationships formed during infancy and childhood). Mary Ainsworth may be the researcher…

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