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Extended essay examples

Essay samples and examples are a great tool for getting a general understanding and useful tips on how certain type of college papers should be written, structured and formatted. However, nothing is as effective in getting the whole picture for yourself as reviewing an example or sample of a paper written by a first-class scholar. Therefore, for your convenience has designed this page, which contains manuals and guidelines of academic papers on the most popular topics for absolutely free. Just click the topic that you are interested in, and you will get access to our free essay samples and examples.

Definition Essay Examples

Properly defining an object involves providing background information on it. Definitions give an identity to a subject that is otherwise obscure to the reader. Definition essays are used to describe terms, ideas, and concepts. The purpose of these essays is to study a concept and provide more information to the reader. Definition essays fall under…

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Reflective Essay Examples

Reflective essays involve a careful examination of past experience and highlighting the impacts on who you are today. Also, reflective essays can focus on a book or other forms of literature. In general, reflective writing helps to summarize a work or an experience.     1 2 3 4 5 How to write an impactful…

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GRE Essay Examples

The purpose of GRE essays is to test your analytical skills and evaluate your ability to think critically. These essays assess your capacity to support a stance in an argument. To accurately assess the students’ capabilities, they are required to complete two essays as part of the prerequisites for admission.     1 2 3…

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UC Essay Examples

UC essays are part of the standard requirements for enrollment into one of the UC campuses. Prospective candidates for admission are required to write UC personal essays using multiple available prompts. Without proper preparation, writing these essays can be a humbling experience.      1 2 3 How to write a superb UC essay Students…

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Compare and Contrast Essay Examples

As the name implies, a compare and contrast essay discusses the similarities and differences between multiple subjects of discussion. For a comparison essay to make sense, you need to establish a correlation between ideas properly.      1 2 3 How to write an excellent compare and contrast essay To compare two subjects, you need…

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Sat Essay Examples

SAT essays test your comprehension ability. Candidates will have to listen to a passage and analyze the premise of the composition. Afterward, they will have to deconstruct the literary devices in the essay within less than an hour. How to write an outstanding SAT Essay  Here are the main guidelines for writing SAT essays that…

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Narrative Essay Examples

Narration involves recreating an experience from your point of view or a collective standpoint. With good writing skills, one can come close to replicating the same experience to the reader. This realism is what separates an excellent narrative essay from a bland narrative. Narrative essay writing helps the student to access their memory and properly…

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Analysis Essay Example

In college, most of your term papers and coursework will be analysis essays. You will have to explore the topics properly before you start to write. Students often find themselves struggling with these kinds of essays because of the time constraints and the sheer volume of work required. However, learning how to write this kind…

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