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The moment the Lion King was released, it became an instant hit especially with children and much talked about Lion essay topic for children projects and the like.  A Walt Disney production, the movie had excellent animations, a captivating story and rich and lush landscape where the story is based, thereby providing ample scope to use Lion essay as a project topic. This particular Lion essay provides scope to study the cinematography of the film and makes a great lion essay paper topic.

Lion the King Essay

The Lion essay from then on became a well-accepted Lion essay topic in both schools and high schools, as it never failed in capturing the imagination of the kids. If you look deeply into the Lion King essay, you will not fail to notice the deeper meanings that the Lion essay carries and the resemblance to mythology is undeniable in the Lion essay.

Similarly in another lion essay, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe essay, we find the portrayal of the imaginative journey of the central characters and come to discover things for themselves that they did not know. Lion essay gives a lot to scope to the students to study on the different themes and the various character analysis and reveals the inner meaning of the movies. Lion essay involves a very smooth narrative that is lucid and straightforward.

The symbols and meaning that are found in Lion essay, are in many cases conventional- the witch represents the evil and the lion, the good.  This particular Lion essay uses a lot of use of escapism that would enable the children to be distracted from the horrors of the war. The Lion essay is replete with images of greed and temptation and teaches us the value of friendship, love and trust and family values.

The Lion essay portrays the spiritual journey of the human soul and identification of good and bad. The characters of this Lion essay go through the journey and it is only at the end that realizations occur. The Lion essay has a fairy tale quality to it that we cannot ignore but enables us to explore the innocent hidden side of human nature that is there in all human beings.