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In life, we always compare between two or more objects. For example, opinions are split on who the best athletes are in every sport, or over the strongest superhero. But how do we resolve these issues most of the time? Pull out the stat sheet and compare their numbers and main strengths.

This same theory applies to any comparative essay example: you have to come up with criteria to compare and contrast between two items.

Comparative essay example with tips for compelling writing

It is quite easy to lose track while writing a comparative essay. So, you need to focus on arranging your essay properly. Most comparative essay samples follow a set of conventional rules of arrangement.

Here are the most commonly used arrangement patterns for comparative essays:

Alternating sentences

When you mention a quality of one subject, you have to follow up with a similar quality from the other.

“Colombia is a country in South America, while Columbia personifies the United States.”

Block method

This arrangement pattern involves mentioning the qualities of individual subjects in different paragraphs. You complete the discussion of one item before going to the next one. However, this comparative writing style is more difficult to follow for most readers.

“Colombia is a country in South America… .”

“However, Columbia personifies the United States… .”

Apart from the arrangement, you have to establish definitive criteria of comparison. Identify the main features of both objects and how they relate to each other.

For example, when comparing communism and capitalism, highlight the impact of both systems on the free market.

“Capitalism supports free markets, while communism supports collective wealth.”

With the use of this comparative essay sample, you can arrange your paper without confusing your readers.