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The role of leadership is hard to overestimate in the modern world. From top politicians to leaders in small and medium businesses – leadership qualities define success and revenues. The topic of leadership has gained increased popularity in Europe and America since early 70s, when big enterprises and organizations there have become highly vibrant and new and modern ways to increase revenues became the new competitive advantage. This is why today in schools and colleges students are frequently asked to write an essay on leadership. Being young and inexperienced, they often lack the necessary expertise in writing a good paper on this topic. Below, we provide the necessary advice and a few examples of good leadership essays. 

500+ words essay on leadership

Most often, students are required to write a 500+ words essay on leadership. That’s a rather big volume, about one and a half pages of text. So, what to write about on these pages? Here are a few good ideas, which might inspire you:

  • Are we born to be good visionaries and leaders, or do we develop leadership skills throughout our lives and careers? There is no single and simple answer to this question. Genetic scientists have long told us that our capabilities are by 70% defined by our genes, while only the remaining 30% percent are attributed to nurture, training and education. Alternatively, behavioral scientists and psychologists believe that everything may not be that simple and the numbers may not be correct. 
  • In the modern business world, leadership is not only a fancy word but also a tangible competence, which can be measured, assessed and developed. Companies invest huge money into periodic employee surveys, were they deliberately include a significant portion of research questions about leadership, in particular, how effective is the current leadership model for the company and its employees. 
  • The notion of leadership should clearly be distinguished from the notion of management. These two are often mistakenly viewed as being similar and essentially synonyms. Leadership is more about vision and leading by means of inspiration and engagement. A true leader would rely less on control and punishment and more on inspiration and motivation of their subordinated employees, whereas a manager is more of an administrative role, which is more often associated with control and supervision. 
  • How do you become a good leader, really? Firstly, good leaders should not emphasize employees’ mistakes and focus on punishing; rather, they should encourage good behavior, high results, and never punish subordinates for mistakes. To be a good leader, also means to take responsibility. Instead of transferring responsibility to your team members, you should clearly assume responsibility for the overall success of your team’s work.

Qualities of a good leader essay

A good leadership essay should possess the following qualities:

  • Follow a clear essay structure
  • Be inspiring and motivating
  • Have an academic language and correct grammar
  • Reference trustworthy sources
  • Introduce something new and original

Leadership essay examples

Here are a few short leadership essay examples pdf and leadership essay samples:

Leadership essay example in 400 words

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Leadership essay example in 200 words

Leadership essay example 2

Essay on leadership example


The bottom line is that writing a good essay on leadership takes time and effort. One should never approach this assignment without at least some initial preparation. For an inspiration, it is useful to check some leadership essay examples and read relevant scholarly and academic articles on the topic of leadership.