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At your service is a business that will provide all sorts of foods to meet the needs of a customer. The company offers foods for business trips, holiday vacations for families and foods for special occasions. At your service has a specialized means for helping customers to identify the type of food they want in terms of quantity and cost. The business will offer foods that are of good quality and are of high standard. At your service will offer high standard services that are able to meet the needs of the customer no matter the amount of money he receives. At your service will cater for people who have high pays and those who have low pay. At your service will deliver food to either people who are moving a house or people who want to transfer an office. They have a variety of vans ranging from small, medium to big vans. At your service, offers appropriate amount of discounts and customers are able to book and make changes through online. The business has best interest of customers at heart and millions of customers trust it. At your service will offer food delivery services to all individual despite the distance. It offers car rental services all over the world having one thousand eight hundred branches. The branches of at your service business will be located all over the globe. At your service, is expected to realize high profits by connecting sales and market strategy through cutting cost inform of unprofitable profits. The mission of the company is to provide quality products, be friendly to customers and make customers feel that At your service is the best food delivery company.    At your service, company is expected to make money annually through the online charter of food delivery. The company is expected to report annual revenues estimated to be around five billion dollars annually. This is because of the high rise of mobile phone online booking globally. Their web site will report the highest number of mobile phone online visitors of approximately six million online bookings. The biggest challenge of At your service Car Company is to increase their business transaction of mobile phone online to reach many customers as possible. The Company has to increase their budget in connection to mobile phone online services, and to reduce the competition from well-informed customers by improving their product (Eliason 138). The company can design an architecture that will utilize the mobile phones to reach their customers. Mobile phone technology is important and advantageous because the customer is always with his mobile phone. Unlike the use of technology from computers where a customer has to be in a cyber café, the customer is able to access information from any where with the use of mobile phones. The engagement of At your service Company to mobile online technology is advantageous because mobile phones are affordable to many people. Mobile phone online technology will ensure that At your service Company maximize its profits on their investment because it reduces the risks to be encountered. Mobile technology is cheap and easily accessible thus the company is able to connect with many customers. Mobile phone online technology allows the customers to make fast decision on the food they want. This is because there is a well-planed strategy of displaying information. An appropriate mobile phone enterprise ensures the needs of the customers are met within a short time.

References Eliason, Frank. @ Your Service: How to Attract New Customers, Increase Sales, and Grow Your Business Using Simple Customer Service Techniques. Hoboken, N.J: Wiley, 2012. Internet resource.System Maintenance Growth in technology and global business has prompted At your service Company to enhance its marketing strategies so that it can serve its wide market efficiently. The information technology based economy has prompted the company to strategies measures, which will ensure that it gains a competitive advantage in the market by reaching as many customers as possible. The company has been forced to transform its operations so that it can compete in the global market effectively. Competing in the global market requires proper management of information, increased competition and superior services so that the company can become the leader in the market. Most companies today are concentrating in information technology to gain a competitive advantage since proper management of information and customers is the key to success of any business. The global market requires any company to take up the current trends in the market so that they do not run out of business. For this reasons, At your service Company aims at introducing a mobile telephony network, which will make food delivery as easy as possible. This network will only require customers of the company to have a mobile phone where they will send a text message to the company’s system, which will then send a confirmation text informing them whether the food they require is available or not. This framework will enable for fast and reliable food delivery since the customers can book the food from any location provided they have a mobile phone. This strategy is very efficient and will be better that the online booking since it will not require internet access, which some customers may not be able to access. The company’s offices in the different countries will have specific numbers, which the customers will use to request for food of their choice. The cost of the text message sent by the customer will depend on the rates charged by the service providers and this will see that customers are satisfied with the services of the company. Customers are the key to success of any business, and making food delivery as easy as sending a text message to the providers, will see that their needs are met and the company will be able to record tremendous growth. The company will also benefit from proper management of information since the databases will store all the information concerning delivery of food. The mobile telephony network will enhance the information system infrastructure of At your service Company by providing an easy way to deliver food hence increase customer satisfaction and ensure the company participates in the global market satisfactorily. The Company will require coming up with an architecture that will help the business in important technology. Information and technology mobile phones will assist the company in surviving in the competitive world of business. The architecture helps in changing the mobile phone IT in response to the changing needs of the business. An appropriate architecture ensures good connection between the mobile phone IT and business management because the company is able to come up with reasonable innovations. At your service company is able to provide low software and maintenance cost (Di 499). Good architecture will help in easy upgrading of mobile phone IT system especially when it comes to security matters. TOGAF is divided into many sections that ensure specialization. The division of these sections is to reduce workload and detect easily the section that is having problems. At your service is able to come up with an open framework that will help customers access the company’s information without difficulty.     ReferencesDi, Nitto E. At Your Service: Service-oriented Computing from an Eu Perspective. Cambridge, Mass: MIT Press, 2009. Print.