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Many people decide to go into the business world because there is great potential for financial gain. While that incentive is a legitimate motivation for any pursuit of business studies, I am driven to a greater degree by my interest in ecology and the tremendous importance that this field has on the future of our planet. I will consider myself a success if I am able to make a genuine contribution to the betterment of mankind by helping to address the scarcity of resources that exist in my own country as well as the world at large. I believe that I have a great deal to offer towards that end, and I am completely focused on taking advantage of the opportunity to achieve this goal if I am fortunate enough to be accepted into this program.

I come from Krasnodar, Russia, where one of my most important role models has been my father; his tremendous drive helped him to establish a company similar to Krasnodargastroy, and he was kind enough to let me frequently accompany him on his business trips so that I had the opportunity to ask him all about how the company worked. The seeds of my fascination with business were planted during those many conversations with my father, and I have continued to dream of achieving success in business that can also incorporate my interest in ecology.

That fascination with business continued to grow, and during my process of coming to understand why I was interested in pursuing business, I was also involved in a major project for the IB (the Extended Essay). This project included interviewing a prominent professor in the rice industry, whose research was connected to ecological concepts. One of the questions I asked the professor was why nobody had made an effort to solve the problem of pesticide pollution in the local river, the Kuban, and I was somewhat startled by his response: he said that in Russia, no one cares about the environment, the only focus is on profits. I felt as if a light bulb went off in my head as I realized that my real goal is to develop a profitable and sustainable business that would combine ecology and economics in a way that would benefit the entire population. I believe that the study of business would allow me to create the perfect combination: the powers of economics with sustainability in business endeavors that would be both profitable as well as environmentally responsible. I am determined to create for Russia, and perhaps the rest of the world, a model or template of businesses that would minimize its ecological footprint and open the door to a greener future.

Although that is my dream, I realize that there are limitations in a country like Russia that may hamper my ability to achieve this goal, but I truly believe that this institution can provide me with the tools and inspiration that are required to reach these somewhat lofty goals. Because I am a person with a hearing disability, it has always been extremely important for me to attend classes in smaller groups in order to maximize my ability to absorb and contribute to the material that is being taught. In addition, it has always been extremely important to me that I have positive and close relationships with my professors as well as my fellow students in order to bring my learning to the most profound and personal level possible. Because I treasure the opportunity to ask questions and to be as intellectually curious as I can be in the classroom, I believe that this school provides the ideal setting for me and will be able to lay the groundwork for me to bring my academic involvement to the highest potential level of which I am capable.

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