Giving Thanks Creatively: Think Outside the Turkey!

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Our experts from BookWormLab tried hard to make you inspired!

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Thanksgiving Autumn feast fruit, with persimmons and pomegranates tumbling out of a basket with Thanks message on a rustic wood background, and added filters and lens flare light stream.

Hello everyone! Have you already prepared your bellies to be stuffed real good? That’s right! The most delicious holiday ever is only a couple of hours away! We are already licking our lips in the anticipation of juicy turkey and tender pumpkin pie. At this very moment, and its team want to give thanks first of all for having such great customers. Working with you and for you is what inspires us every day to innovate, set bigger goals and constantly improve our services. We hope every single client of ours has a great holiday, filled with tons of food and love! With Turkey Day being almost here, we thought we’d prepare a special treat for you to fill your holiday with even more joy! During the whole Thanksgiving week you can save up extra 7% on all your orders with the  coupon code! Discount coupon code to enter: happytg. The offer expires on November 30th, so hurry up not to miss this great opportunity. Try to make the most of our special Thanksgiving discount – you can use it for every single order during this whole week!

We wish you a warm and happy Thanksgiving and want to suggest you a couple of ideas how to make your traditional dinner table more fun and creative. Should it always be roasted turkey and pumpkin pie? Definitely not! See for yourself how much delicious stuff can be inspired by the most famous American bird. Turkey cookies on sticks


Shinny ice-cream turkey


Dirty turkeyTurkeyBurger

Turkeyburger by David Hunter

Cute turkey cupcakes

Turkey-Cup Cake

Turkey alla Vodka

Turkey Alla Vodka by Rachel Edelman

Is your hand turkey original recipe?

Thanksgiving funny

Let us know how your celebration went and don’t be afraid to share some of your secret recipes with us!Happy Thanksgiving once again! Sincerely yours, team