Overcoming Laziness: 5 Golden Tips to Beat it Once and for All

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Our experts from BookWormLab tried hard to make you inspired!

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Happy last months of spring you, guys!

Let’s be honest here. It’s already sunny and hot outside and it’s getting harder and harder to breath, not to mention to work or study. Here is where laziness sets in. That’s pretty normal, taking into account that being lazy lies in human nature. We love to procrastinate and waste our time! However, almost everyone realizes that literary to survive we need to do something about that. So that our efforts to beat laziness won’t be in vain, we decided to dig deeper.

Overcoming Laziness: 5 Golden Tips to Beat it Once and for All 1

Devil is in the details.  And laziness comes from boredom, repeated routine and disinterest in your daily activities. It’s when you feel uninspired, tired, overwhelmed or stuck and without interest for any activity, you call it being lazy.  So the real thing we need to do to kick our butt off the sofa in the first place is restore our inspiration. As always we did some research ourselves and you will know what to do in just 5 minutes after you read our tips.
  1. Just get started. Lazybones take all day to get started. Easier said, than done? True! So here is a little trick. Promise yourself that it will take only 5 minutes. Choose a small task to begin with and, hopefully, you’ll be carried away in the process and forget about time.
  2. Restore your motivation. Remind yourself how important what you are doing is and how good it will feel once you are over with all the work.  Think of the benefits you’ll get and focus on them instead of difficulties. Here is a little nuance. Long-term goals happen to show benefits too far in the future, so you have to make up rewards yourself. We will leave it to your imagination.
  3. Divide the tasks. Set small goals and divide big tasks into parts. Write down a list of things to do and every time you accomplish a task, tick an item done. That way you will see the progress and it will increase your motivation to move forward.
  4. Do nothing! Let’s remember that in modern world being lazy means lying on the bed, eating junk food, talking on the phone, spending hours in social networks, listening to music, etc. But in fact that’s not being lazy at all! You are just wasting your time by engaging yourself with useless things. Sit in the middle of the room and really do nothing. You will see for yourself – it will take up to 10 minutes till this “doing nothing” will drive you crazy. As a result you will desire to act right away and will get down to work immediately.
  5. Change activities. As mentioned before laziness comes from boredom, so the one of the best ways to beat it along with finding inspiration is varying your activities as frequent as possible. E.g. If you are preparing for an exam, but also have some home duties – mix them! One hour you are cleaning the kitchen, another one – reading for your finals. And remember to do only one thing at a time!
NB. Don’t forget to make small breaks, whatever you do. And by breaks we don’t mean activities like movie watching that will only suck you in procrastination. Overcoming Laziness: 5 Golden Tips to Beat it Once and for All 2 That’s it. Just try at least one of our tips and you will make one step closer to overcoming laziness. We wish you a productive day as we hurry to take a nap, being extremely tired after writing this post. Stay in touch! Sincerely yours, Bookwormlab.com’s team